MIB: RFC 3508 (Generic Printer MIB)

OIDs: For Dell B1265dnf Laser MFP



Printer Status





INTEGER {other(1), unknown(2), idle(3), printing(4), warmup(5)}

*Listed as string (idle)


The current status of this printer device.



Printer Detected Error State





This object represents any error conditions detected

by the printer.  The error conditions are encoded as

bits in an octet string, with the following



Condition         Bit #

lowPaper              0

noPaper               1

lowToner              2

noToner               3

doorOpen              4

jammed                5

offline               6

serviceRequested      7

inputTrayMissing      8

outputTrayMissing     9

markerSupplyMissing  10

outputNearFull       11

outputFull           12

inputTrayEmpty       13

overduePreventMaint  14


Bits are numbered starting with the most significant

bit of the first byte being bit 0, the least

significant bit of the first byte being bit 7, the

most significant bit of the second byte being bit 8,

and so on.  A one bit encodes that the condition was

detected, while a zero bit encodes that the condition

was not detected.


This object is useful for alerting an operator to

specific warning or error conditions that may occur,

especially those requiring human intervention.



*Note: In testing, this was always 00 no matter what the status of the printer



Device Status





INTEGER {unknown(1), running(2), warning(3), testing(4), down(5)}

* Not sure if will show an integer, a string or both


The current operational state of the device described

by this row of the table.  A value unknown(1)

indicates that the current state of the device is

unknown.  running(2) indicates that the device is up

and running and that no unusual error conditions are

known.  The warning(3) state indicates that agent has

been informed of an unusual error condition by the

operational software (e.g., a disk device driver) but

that the device is still 'operational'.  An example

would be a high number of soft errors on a disk.  A

value of testing(4), indicates that the device is not

available for use because it is in the testing state.

The state of down(5) is used only when the agent has

been informed that the device is not available for any




Device Errors





The number of errors detected on this device.  It

should be noted that as this object has a SYNTAX of

Counter32, that it does not have a defined initial

value.  However, it is recommended that this object be

initialized to zero, even though management stations

must not depend on such an initialization.



Memory Size





The amount of physical read-write main memory,

typically RAM, contained by the host.



% Toner Remaining




Counts down as toner is consumed.



Remaining           OID Returns

43%                        43

42%                        42



Transfer Roller Life



Counts down as transfer roller is consumed.



Transfer Roller Life          OID Returns

427/100000                         99573



Fuser Life



Counts down as fuser is consumed.



Fuser Life            OID Returns

427/50000           49573



Pick-up, Retard, Forward and Tray 1 Roller Life






Counts down as rollers are consumed.



Transfer Roller Life          OID Returns

412/50000                           49588


*Note - It's not entirely clear which is which, but all have 5,0000 impressions/life



Feed Roller Life



Counts down as feed roller is consumed.



Feed Roller Life OID Returns

412/100000                         99588



ADF Roller and ADF Rubber Pad Life




Counts down as ADF roller and pad are consumed.



ADF Roller Life                   OID Returns



*Note - It's not entirely clear which is which, but all have 20,000 impressions/life



Page Count




Printer Alert Severity





INTEGER {other(1), critical(3), warning(4)}


The level of severity of this alert table entry.  The printer

determines the severity level assigned to each entry into the




Printer Alert Code





INTEGER {other(1), unknown(2), coverOpen(3), coverClosed(4), interlockOpen(5), interlockClosed(6),

configurationChange(7), jam(8), doorOpen(501), doorClosed(502), powerUp(503), powerDown(504),

inputMediaTrayMissing(801), inputMediaSizeChange(802), inputMediaWeightChange(803), inputMediaTypeChange(804),

inputMediaColorChange(805), inputMediaFormPartsChange(806), inputMediaSupplyLow(807), inputMediaSupplyEmpty(808),

outputMediaTrayMissing(901), outputMediaTrayAlmostFull(902), outputMediaTrayFull(903), markerFuserUnderTemperature(1001),

markerFuserOverTemperature(1002), markerTonerEmpty(1101), markerInkEmpty(1102), markerPrintRibbonEmpty(1103),

markerTonerAlmostEmpty(1104), markerInkAlmostEmpty(1105), markerPrintRibbonAlmostEmpty(1106),

markerWasteTonerReceptacleAlmostFull(1107), markerWasteInkReceptacleAlmostFull(1108), markerWasteTonerReceptacleFull(1109),

markerWasteInkReceptacleFull(1110), markerOpcLifeAlmostOver(1111), markerOpcLifeOver(1112), markerDeveloperAlmostEmpty(1113),

markerDeveloperEmpty(1114), mediaPathMediaTrayMissing(1301), mediaPathMediaTrayAlmostFull(1302), mediaPathMediaTrayFull(1303),

interpreterMemoryIncrease(1501), interpreterMemoryDecrease(1502), interpreterCartridgeAdded(1503),

interpreterCartridgeDeleted(1504), interpreterResourceAdded(1505), interpreterResourceDeleted(1506),



The code that describes the type of alert for this entry in

the table.  There are different codes for each

sub-unit type:for example, Media Supply Low and Media

Supply Empty are Aler codes for the Input sub-unit.



Printer Alert Description





A description of this alert entry in the localization

specified by prtGeneralCurrentLocalization.  The description is

provided by the printer to further elaborate on the enumerated

alert or provide information in the case where the code is

classified ask `other' or `unknown'.  The printer is required

to return a description string but the string may be a null




Printer Alert Time





The value of sysUpTime at the time that this alert was




Toner Color





 The name of the color of this The name of the color of this

colorant using standardized string names from ISO 10175 (DPA)

and ISO 10180 (SPDL) which are:


other, unknown, white, red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, black


Implementors may add additional string values. The naming

conventions in ISO 9070 are recommended in order to avoid

potential name clashes



Toner Details





The description of this supply container/receptacle in the

localization specified by prtGeneralCurrentLocalization.


*Note: . gives a lot more info.



Black Toner S/N :CRUM-13020206875" "Transfer Roller" "Fuser Life" "Pick-up Roller" "Retard Roller" "Forward Roller" "Feed Roller" "Tray 1 Roller" "ADF Roller" "ADF Rubber Pad



Printer Model





A textual description of this device, including the

device's manufacturer and revision, and optionally,

its serial number.


*Note: . gives a lot more info.



Dell B1265dnf Laser MFP CPU RAM 134217728 KB - Volatile Memory Ethernet Card 10/100 Mbps v1 UTP RJ-45 connector A1 full duplex Universal Serial Bus 2.0, 480Mbps Samsung Copy Service, Simplex Samsung Color Scanner, 28ppm, 1200 X 1200 dpi Samsung Embeded Fa


Versus just the model.