Im creating an onboard ticket in our HR queue which creates child tickets in numerous queue.  The problem is I have run into a challenge because once the IT child ticket to create user account (stage 2) is created I need to create a child to build the PC for the onboard. Problem is that there are multiple stage 2 tickets and I cant wait for those to be done to have the pc built.  SO if I make it stage 3 its stuck until all stage 2 are done.. I also cant make the user account create stage 1 because it would hold up all the stage 2 tickets.

I tried to take the user create Child a child from it but if I do that its not visible any longer in the parent and the parent can be complete before the pc is setup which is misleading because its not done.

If I create a 2nd process for HR for Pc create: A) that kinda sucks B) they have to retype in the user information.. but Im guessing this is my only option. I would love it if someone can find a fault in my logic and I can keep this all in one parent nice and neat.