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InstallAware First (and Only) Installation Toolkit to Support .NET 2.0 Installations

One click deployment for Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Applications

San Francisco, CA, October 31 2005 – InstallAware Software Corporation has shipped a plug-in update pack for InstallAware, adding support for deploying Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 was released less than a week ago, and InstallAware is the only installation toolkit at this time to provide support for installing the new version of the framework.

“InstallAware has taken the lead. We’re the first to support the new breed of Microsoft technologies, including .NET Framework 2.0 and SQL Server 2005,” says Sinan Karaca, President of InstallAware Software Corporation. “For over two years now, InstallAware has been offering the only viable alternative to InstallShield’s line of installation development tools. With this latest update to InstallAware, made available in less than 24 business hours after the new Microsoft technologies were released to manufacturing, we are championing the next generation Windows Installer based setup development tool.”

InstallAware dramatically simplifies deployment of applications and technologies based on Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. InstallAware installs the framework, along with its pre-requisites, in a single pass – all as an integral part of the main application installation. Additionally, InstallAware reduces the size of the framework (and its required runtimes) up to 1/3rd the original size. “We first eliminate the redundant compression layers in the original files,” says Agustin Berge, Director of Development at InstallAware Software Corporation. “We then process the resulting data through filters optimized for executable code, and finally pass them through our superior compression algorithm. The result is an installer that is three times smaller than what the competition delivers!”

InstallAware also supports deploying the .NET Framework 2.0, and other required runtimes such as Windows Installer 3.0, on the web separately from the main application. End-users still download a fully self-contained installer that runs without requiring an Internet connection – something traditional web deployment cannot do, but InstallAware’s partial web deployment can. The partially web deployed runtimes (and optionally, rarely used application features) are downloaded on-the-fly only when needed.

Thus, InstallAware not only streamlines the installation of .NET Framework 2.0 based applications, but it also reduces the actual size of the .NET Framework 2.0 package, and trims the fat off of the main setup file by stripping the optional runtimes from the main download.

InstallAware 2005 is available in Express and Studio editions, with prices starting at US$199. A time limited trial and more information is available at The plug-in update pack is available free of charge, for both trial and licensed users, at


About InstallAware Software Corporation:

InstallAware Software Corporation was founded by InstallShield alumni in 2003. The company focuses on software installation technologies for the Windows Installer platform and strives to bring a fresh approach to the setup development process. The privately held company has received numerous seed investments from venture capital firms and is a Borland Technology Partner.