Here again your favorite Random Dude.

Today's topic is to provide an example for people that would like to have files copied over to a target machine so they can be used later (manual install maybe?).

1. We need to copy the needed files into a folder inside of the clientdrop SMB of the appliance. ( \\sda\clientdrop\test)


2. We go to the user interface of the SDA > Library > Choose action > "Add BAT Script..."


3. We assign a name to the task and enter the following text to the BAT Script box


Code so you can edit:

net use z: \\\clientdrop\test /user:admin Password

timeout /t 3 /nobreak


xcopy /y Z: C:\Users\Public\Desktop

4. Hit save
5. Add the post-install task to your deployment

This way everytime we deploy that MSI or any other file that we need is going to be copied to the machine for later use. I hope that this article makes your deployments a bit easier and a lot faster.

See you in my next post!