I would like to intoduce our new product that helps developers distribute their applications: BoxedApp SDK.

The basic functions of BoxedApp SDK are:

* ability to create virtual file / directories; in other words you can create a virtual file and an application will think that this file is really present in the system;

* ability to create virtual registry entries;

What are results?

There are many useful results :)

* you can put an ActiveX into resources, then unpack it at application startup and register it in virtual registry. Your application will work even if this ActiveX is not registered in system registry!

* you can load DLL from memory directly, so you can hide usage of 3rd party tools implemented as a dll

* you can even embed .net runtime => .net application will work even if .net runtime is not installed

and many others.

Samples for VC++, C#, VB.Net, Delphi, VB6 are available.

x86 and x64 are supported.


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Thank you and... merry christmas and happy new year :)