New KBOX Systems Deployment Appliances Take the Legwork Out of Provisioning

KBOX 2000 Series Provides Affordable, Centralized Systems Deployment and Remote System Recovery for Mid-Market Organizations

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - August 14, 2006 - KACE™, the leader in IT management solutions for mid-market organizations, today announced the new KBOX™ 2000 Series Systems Deployment Appliances, an easy-to-use, comprehensive, affordable family of turnkey appliances that allows remote, unattended provisioning – including operating systems, applications, and files, of servers, desktops and laptops. Targeted specifically to the mid-market, where complexity and cost are enemies to IT productivity, the KBOX™ 2000 Series frees systems administrators from the overly-complex, time-consuming manual process of deploying and re-provisioning machines for use, installing and updating applications, and systems recovery.

According to the December 2005 Gartner Report "Saving Money on PC Deployment" by Michael A. Silver, "(c)ompanies spend too much time and money deploying new PCs. Tools are available to help organizations reduce deployment costs, but lots of process is required to get to the point where deployment can be fully automated." Unfortunately many currently available tools are too costly and complex, especially for the mid-market. The KBOX™ 2000 Series addresses these issues by providing affordable centralized systems deployment in a plug-and-play appliance-based solution for back-office and remote provisioning of desktops, laptops and servers. The new appliance will benefit mid-size companies by reducing time spent on manual systems deployment and repair, and eliminating user downtime, costs of travel and after-hours work.

The KBOX™ 2000 Series is a secure, robust family of appliances that allows systems administrators to centrally provision systems anywhere on their network directly from a easy-to-use web-based administrative console:

Centralized Systems Deployment

Disk Imaging allowing remote capture and deployment

Integrated image library that eliminates the scatter and confusion of storing installation data on CDs and shared network directories

Scripted Installation for remote, unattended installation of operating systems

Slipstream install of files and applications

Single agentless solution for desktops, laptops and servers

Windows and Linux support

Remote Systems Recovery

Remote recovery of corrupted systems regardless of OS condition

Bundled recovery console with integrated remote control eases system repair, provides rapid re-provisioning of unrecoverable systems

Affordable, Robust Appliance Delivery

Intuitive, integrated Web-based user interface boosts ease of use

Plug and play deployment

Optional directly attached storage for scalable image management

The KBOX™ 2000 Series is the only appliance-based solution to combine disk imaging, scripted installation and remote system recovery into a centralized, affordable and easy-to-use solution for automating the end-to-end systems provisioning of desktops, laptops and servers. “The KBOX 2000 eliminates the need to run from machine to machine with stacks of boot disks,” said Marty Kacin, president and CTO of KACE. “It takes the legwork out of systems provisioning with its unattended deployment and remote system recovery capabilities for servers, desktops and laptops." The 2000 Series is available in the following models:

· KBOX 2100 for deployments of 100-1000 systems

· KBOX 2200 for deployments of 1000 or more systems

· KBOX 16 optional direct attached storage for use with KBOX 2200

Pricing for KBOX™ 2000 Systems Deployment Series Appliances starts at $12,900.

About KACE™

KACE, a privately-held technology company, is the leader in IT automation appliances. KACE is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and has offices in Charlotte, North Carolina and Chicago, Illinois. To learn more about KACE and its product offerings, please visit or call 1-888-522-3638.