**The streaming toolkit will be removed in the near future as the SDA now has the ability to capture and deploy streamed image as of version 5.1.xxx.

By default, a KACE captured WIM is deployed by first copying the .wim to the local desktop and then deploying the wim to the workstation.  This was done to accommodate multitasking in the K2000.  However, this does not leave many options for those that are deploying onesies and twosies via unicast.  Many users find that deploying the .wim by streaming it directly to the workstation is faster than the default.


KSWIM is a revision of the Kace Native Imaging Toolkit (KNIT) to accommodate this process.  The .pkg files are “fake” kimages, basically having enough information contained within them so the K2000 thinks it is a certain type of image (1 partition 32/64 bit image, 2 partition 32/64 bit image, UEFI 32/64 bit image and 1 partition 32/64 bit XP image).  Each of the images have particular tasks assigned to them already; creating/formatting the partions,  a midlevel task to delete those files and then a task to deploy the wim from the K2000.  The deployment task and the image are set up as templates for you to duplicate and then modify in order to keep the originals as examples.


There are complete instructions in the download of the toolkit. One must be a member of the K2000 ITNinja Community to download.

The instructions for the toolkit can be accessed without being a member.

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