New "Swap-Out" Program Offers Alternative to Potentially Costly and Complex Altiris Client Management Suite Version 7 Migration

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - May 4, 2009 - KACE, the leading systems management appliance company, today announced a new swap-out program for Symantec Altiris customers to help them avoid a potentially lengthy and costly migration to Altiris Client Management Suite (CMS) version 7. Shaking up the traditional software-only desktop management market, KACE's swap-out program offers Altiris customers free installation and training when they make the switch to KBOX, an affordable and significantly easier to deploy and use appliance-based approach to desktop and server management. KACE customers usually install in one day.

KACE's new promotion seeks to help Altiris customers avoid the cost and complexity inherent in major product upgrades. Altiris CMS version 7 is the first major release since Symantec acquired Altiris two years ago. The new release is known to contain significant code and user interface changes. These types of major changes often require retraining and recertification of IT administrators, as well as a complex platform upgrade.

It is believed the Altiris CMS version 7 upgrade will take weeks for Altiris customers to complete, and in some cases months. Additionally some customers may require professional services. Consulting for Altiris solutions typically costs thousands of dollars per week. In contrast, switching from Altiris CMS to KBOX will take less than one week in most cases. What's more, more than half of KACE KBOX customers report their systems management appliance paid for itself in less than three months. Further, according to industry analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates, KBOX provides equivalent feature capabilities to Altiris, but at a fraction of the total cost and complexity.

"We couldn't get away from our Altiris Client Management Suite system fast enough," said Mike Roberts, technical director for Quinlan Independent School District in Texas. "The system was so incredibly complex and difficult to manage -- it was unreal. We finally gave up on Altiris and made the move to KACE. Using KBOX from KACE is like night and day over Altiris, we deployed in days and experienced immediate ROI. We couldn’t be happier."

KACE is highlighting the swap-out program in an upcoming webinar. The webinar titled, "Caution: Altiris Migration Ahead" will take place on May 13th at 9am PST. You can register for the conference by going to:

KACE saves its customers both time and money. Now more than ever, systems managers are often forced to wear many hats throughout the day to work on a myriad of IT functions. KACE helps consolidate these functions by providing an integrated appliance based approach delivering easy-to-use, comprehensive systems management that is affordable. The KBOX family of appliances fulfills all of the systems management needs of a medium enterprise, from initial computer deployment to ongoing management and retirement.

About KACE(tm)

KACE is the leading systems management appliance company. The award-winning KBOX(tm) family of appliances delivers easy-to-use, comprehensive systems management capabilities. KACE customers usually install in one day and enjoy the lowest total cost compared to software alternatives.

KACE is headquartered in Mountain View, California. To learn more about KACE and its product offerings, please visit or call 1-877-MGMT-DONE.