In 5.4 we can now create more than two machine actions!  Once I realized how easy these were to manipulate I started adding and adjusting them like a kid in a candy store.  My machine action drop-down now has 9 items and we find them all useful.  It was well-timed with an effort to make KACE more useful for our service desk.

If you like to use Firefox I highly recommed the plugin "IE Tab 2" so you can launch the K1000 admin console in a "IE Tab".  This prevents the pesky error: "Sorry, this Machine Action is only supported when using Microsoft Internet Explorer."

Here are my Machine Actions:

Admin Share
Computer Management
Shutdown –i
UVNC Win 7

All of our machine actions are “Custom action…” from the drop down except for ping.  That one is “Ping using host IP”

The machine actions that start with Ps require PStools to exist at C:\pstools.  There's probably a better way to do this (call from a network share?) but it was simple at the time and works for us.  (Please feel free to comment and tell me there’s a better way!)

Here’s my syntax for all of our machine actions:

Admin Share:
explorer.exe \\KACE_HOST_NAME\c$

Computer Management:
cmd.exe /c compmgmt.msc /Computer:KACE_HOST_NAME

cmd.exe /K "c:\pstools\PsList.exe" \\KACE_HOST_NAME -t -s

cmd.exe /K "c:\pstools\PsLoggedon.exe" -accepteula \\KACE_HOST_NAME

cmd.exe /c services.msc /Computer:KACE_HOST_NAME

Shutdown -i:
shutdown.exe –i

UVNC Win 7:
"c:\\Program Files\\UltraVNC\\vncviewer.exe" /dsmplugin SecureVNCPlugin64.dsm KACE_HOST_NAME

"c:\\Program Files\\UltraVNC\\vncviewer.exe" /dsmplugin SecureVNCPlugin.dsm KACE_HOST_NAME

We have many shared PCs where there is an auto-user logging into the PC and our users log into context with the secondary logon.  PsLoggedon is great for use on those machines to see the user that is logged in.

I had a shutdown.exe -m \\KACE_HOST_NAME -r -t 30 -f but it was too easy to accidentally kick off a reboot.  If I could get this to prompt, "Are you sure?" I wouldn't use shutdown.exe -i

The rest are fairly self-explanatory.  Let me know if you find them useful!