I always wanted a good reputation system that would help to give proper credit to those that spend so much effort making this community as good as it is. With ITNinja we have that, and while a little friendly competition among peers is fun, many would agree "real" prizes are even better. So for starters, this what we've got for give-aways (and I'm working to add more)...


ITNinja Sticker

Does it go on your car? On your computer? Be one of the first 500 to get their Orange Belt (>176 points) and we'll send you one of these awesome ITNinja stickers!

ITNinja T-Shirt

Now you look good, but wouldn't you look better sporting one of these babies!?! The first 300 people to attain their Blue Belt (>351 points) will find one of these in the mail shortly thereafter.

ITNinja Black Belt

I'm pretty excited about this one. Above is just a mock and I'll upload a final when I have it, but for the first 100 people to get their Black belt (>1013 points) we'll be sending an embroided black belt in an ITNinja branded plastic case to keep as a trophy of this siginificant accomplishment!

How do you score points? It's easy, just participate! For details, please see the ITNinja Points section of our FAQ.

Please be sure to fill in your mailing address and t-shirt size in the "private" section of your user profile so we can ship these off to you!

This is an old announcement, for more details and information regarding availability, please click here!