Another big update today, this one with a lot of visual aspects so you'll notice changes more than usual this time around...
  • New Tag pages. There are 350K+ tags on ITNinja, now each has a page to show its content; clicking any tag on the site consistently brings you ot this new page (for example, Microsoft Office). Don't miss the links pinned up top for each type of tag that direct you to software or company pages where you can view it in our Software Library for special content like deployment tips
  • Video Embed Support. Blog posts and all of our rich text edit controls support embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos. Just paste in the "embed" code from either video site to have it included in your post.
  • Software Library Page design. Much of ITNinja's valuable information is easier to discover and find in our Software Library content pages now (for example, Acrobat Reader). 
  • Add to the Software Library database. There is now a place you can create new software tags at will, not just because you were about to ask a question, post a blog or share a link. Add new companies, software titles, or versions of software.
  • Topic Browse pages now show tags to make the list easier to determine what is being discussed beyond the title (for example, content on the Scripting topic page will often specify a scripting language as a tag).
  • Software Browse by Keyword. Our popular software browse page can now be filtered by keyword.
  • When commenting, we now consistently highlight the comment you just added
  • Blog formatting. We've made some minor changes to blog formatting. As tags are consistently implemented as links to our new tag home pages, the ability to filter blog content by tag has been implemented on the right side bar.
  • The look of the follow button has been updated throughout the site.
  • Legal page updates. Legal documents like our Privacy Statement and Terms of Service are now linked from a single page which clearly states ITNinja's overriding statements to these standard Dell Community documents (in short: ITNinja will not market to you or purchase submitted content)

Watch for a new keyword search feature (to replace the existing Google search) in our October release!