This release focuses largely on establishing a means of dynamically determining what is popular on the site based on various criteria. There are some immediate benefits to the site here today, but later this month we are also planning to lean on this work as a means of providing email digests of our best material based on tags you follow.

  • The home page now shows a list of tags dynamically based upon popularity over the last week
  • The "popular" questions list is now based on activity over the last week (as opposed to all time which was not nearly as helpful)
  • The sidebar lists of "related" items now takes popularity into account to provide more relevant results highlighting similarly tagged content
  • You can now follow all versions of a software title (current and future) from the Software Library browse page
  • AppDeploy Live results in the K1000 have been improved by refining the method by which software matches are executed
  • Tag results no longer disappear while typing to select tags
  • RSS improvements: dynamic feeds were reporting incorrect MIME type and information returned now matches that of selected tab (including pagination length)
  • Suggested tags now appear with a plus (+) sign to better convey they need to be selected if you want to add them (they are not automatically added)
  • Submit may not be hit twice on the same post to prevent accidental duplicates