Another in a series of big updates for ITNinja launched last night featuring a new email alert capability. Here is the full list of what's new...

  • Email Notifications! Emails are now sent for answers and comments on content you follow. Read all about our new Email Alerts in this featured blog post
  • The main navigation has changed to include a Communities menu item and associated home page to view them all, so that you can better discover what software communities utilize ITNinja for peer to peer product support
  • There is now an indicator for comments on software tips, so when browsing it's obvious when tips have comments
  • The Topics home page has been updated to make better use of space (matching the layout of the new Communities home page)
  • We've also taken the first big step toward software and company data cleanup. A new system was developed to merge and combine data so we have less redundant or misspelled entries in our software library.
  • Over the next few weeks, we will slowly add a significant number of new software and company records to our database, helping ITNinja to cover even more of the Enterprise IT software space.
  • New Communities have been added including homes for the K2000, the K3000, Asset Manager and vWorkspace
  • Bug: an update to our favicon so it's more consistently shown when other readers and links refer to ITNinja
  • Bug: pasting content into a Question Summary from Microsoft Word now preserves formatting better. Special characters like ™ and curly quotes are also properly handled.
  • Bug: in the user profile, the "last post" date will now more accurately reflect the last time a user has submitted a blog post
  • Bug: editing title of a shared link no longer changes the URL of the link
  • Bug: login page redirects were not properly handling page anchors
  • Other minor bugs having to do with flagging content, pagination, profile settings and others

Keep watching, there is tons more to come!