If your IT environment spans a single printer on a single subnet, then you surely don't have problems with printer mapping.  But while that may have been your situation not long ago, I'll bet your environment has only grown bigger.  It may have even spread across geographic locations.  If it has, what do you do when users connect from places other than home?

Let them deal with finding the closest printer?  Post a sheet of printers in each site?  Or, do you automatically map them to whatever's appropriate wherever they are?

That third option is the holy grail of printing, but implementing it can be tough with Windows and logon scripts alone.  The right VBScript syntax to map a site to a printer doesn't require that many lines of code.  Doing the same across many sites and many more printers is an exercise in conditional logic construction.  In this article, Logon Scripts: Automatically Mapping Printers Based on Location, I'll show you the syntax you'll need, along with an example to get you started.  Your degree in advanced algorithms will get you the rest of the way, or perhaps a solution that doesn't require script savvy.


Have you tried any other ways of adapting user configurations to suit their needs?