Wouldn't your computer be so much better if it sported one of these cool stickers? (the answer is: yes)

To get one, just score 176 points (orange belt), provide your mailing address in your user profile, and we'll send one your way! 

We've got a good number of these and will continue sending them out until our supplies are exhausted. 

We will not share your personal information, ITNinja is not a marketing site and acceptence of this prize does not change that.

And now a shameless request for you to share your appreciation loudly...

Did you get yours? Please post a picture of where you placed your sticker on our Facebook page. Don't have the time? How about a quick thank you via Twitter? We have been fortunate to be able to secure prizes and ship them around the world, but in order to continue doing so it's important that our rewards make some "social noise" to help justify the necessary budget.


Note: other rewards may be available