Free ITNinja Black Belts!

You worked hard, you helped hundreds of thousands of fellow Ninja's and you deserve a serious prize. This embroided black belt is designed for display as a trophy in a clear plastic box featuring the ITNinja logo.  

To get one, you'll need to score 1013 points (black belt)provide your mailing address in your user profile, and we'll send one your way! 

We've got about 50 belts left to distribute and will continue sending them out until our supplies are exhausted. 

We will not share your personal information, ITNinja is not a marketing site and acceptance of this prize does not change that.

And now a shameless request for you to share your appreciation loudly...

Did you get yours? Please post a picture of you holding your belt (or a shot of it on your desk) on our Facebook page. Don't have the time? How about a quick thank you via Twitter? We have been fortunate to be able to secure prizes and ship them around the world, but in order to continue doing so it's important that our rewards make some "social noise" to help justify the necessary budget.


Note: other rewards may be available



  • Are the belts coming soon, I've got enough points? - ms01ak 9 years ago
    • No, I'm afraid you didn't make it in time for this shipment. The next shipment will go out in early November :( - bkelly 9 years ago
      • november ? damn im never getting my black belt by then... 2nd shipment after now will be real. :) - anonymous_89761 9 years ago
      • I still have not received my black belt. Am I going to be receiving one? - tsienkiewicz@ldirx.com 8 years ago
      • Yes tsienkiewicz@ldirx.com you will be getting one - bkelly 8 years ago
  • Will there be an IT Ninja black cadillac for grandmasters available soon? J/k - Jbr32 9 years ago
    • LOL! I wish! - bkelly 9 years ago
      • I have been meaning to do an IT Ninja plug on our jumbo tron, will send a picture over at some point. - Jbr32 9 years ago
      • YES!!!! - bkelly 9 years ago
    • we got cadilac candy here :) i will ask to make a black one - anonymous_89761 9 years ago
  • Well I made the milestones a while back but just realized I didn't have my company address on my profile :(

    It can stay hidden, riiiigghhttt?

    well, did I make the cut ? - Wildwolfay 9 years ago
    • Oops. Yes, it is hidden information (there isn't a setting to display it even if you wanted to). - bkelly 9 years ago
      • Yeah, wellllll.... this awesome stuff is for retro points, right? :P

        I am so (wierdly) excited about this stuff :) - Wildwolfay 9 years ago
  • Still have not received my tshirt yet! :( - mattski 9 years ago
    • Sorry, but it appears that your account was not eligible at the time of our August shipment. Yours will go out in our next shipment (scheduled for early November). - bkelly 9 years ago
  • I still have not received a sticker or a t-shirt. Am I on the list for the next shipment in November? If I make it to black belt before November, will I also receive the black belt? - tsienkiewicz@ldirx.com 9 years ago
  • I'm working to assemble a list of what was shipped to who by UserID (it is too much to have so address so many individual inquires) - bkelly 9 years ago
    • Is there a way to find out if I am going to receive the IT Ninja black belt? Last year I received the sticker and t-shirt. I was just wondering if I could also get the black belt. Just because it looks so awesome. - tsienkiewicz@ldirx.com 9 years ago
  • Only 746 points to go... - Ultimation 9 years ago
  • Im gonna have to frame my T-shirt and the belt in a nice shadowbox when the belt gets here. - WhitzEnd 9 years ago
    • That would be awesome, you'll have to post a pic! - bkelly 9 years ago
      • Never got a T-Shirt of a Black Belt. - petelanglois 8 years ago
  • I can't wait to get my IT Ninja Black Belt. I should be 2nd Degree soon! - petelanglois 9 years ago
  • I've got a ways to go...but I'm going to do it! - Carsn3 9 years ago
  • Are we ever going to get our T-Shirts or Black Belts? - petelanglois 8 years ago
  • Are these still given out? Just found this and man that'd be cool to get eventually - jonniipalos 3 years ago
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