If you see MOD under a user's avatar, it means they are a moderator. The moderator role is offered to members when they pass the level of blue belt, but it is an opt-in role and eligible users must accept the honor. For more on the moderator role here at ITNinja, please see this blog post.

If you see a DSG under a user's avatar, it means their account has been designated that of an employee of the Dell Software Group. This extends to support, product managers, sales engineers, etc. representing any of the products you find featured in our Communities area (such as those by Quest or KACE). If you are an eligible employee and would like this designation, please contact Bob Kelly using your Dell or product group's email domain. In cases where a member has both MOD and DSG roles, the role displayed will be that of DSG.


Note: DSG is the sponsor of ITNinja, but it is important to understand this is not a DSG product support site. Though we welcome customers sharing information and helping one another here on ITNinja, each product has its own product support community today (a more formal DSG communitiy is in the works). ITNinja is intended to serve as a technology site for the discussion of issues that may or may not be product related-- and from a product perspective, not limited to Dell products and services. There are plenty of active discussions about application packaging and deployment, Windows Installer, virtualization and with a focus on unsupported products like App-V and Systems Center Configuration Manager. Such conversations are not only welcome but strongly encouraged.