With the 3.5 release, MSI Studio is available in two editions. The first is the MSI Studio "standard" edition, which has the same headline feature set as MSI Studio 3.2. The second is MSI Studio Pro, an enhanced version that adds major new capabilities - Conflict Detection and Zero-Touch Testing.

There are two major features in MSI Studio Pro that help to eliminate problems during deployment by empowering administrators to proactively test their newly created packages for conflicts with their production environment:

· Zero-Touch Testing - MSI Studio Pro lets you easily create a special MSI package which simulates the effect of the application installer on the target computer, but without making changes to the target computer. Now the administrator can identify which files and registry keys will be over-written and changed without actually installing.

· Conflict Resolution - MSI Studio Pro adds a conflict analysis repository for MSI packages. Administrators can compare their new packages to the repository for easy reporting on how each package might conflict with others.

You can download a free evaluatiion here MSI Studio