Web's Largest Community for Administrators Aids IT Professionals with Even More Data and New Search Capabilities

Reston, Va. , December 4, 2007: AppDeploy, the Internet's largest free online community of application and computer administrators, today announced the availability of Software Knowledge Base, an extensive online data warehouse of application information. Comprised of more than 100,000 application entries from users of the KACE KBOX(tm) family of management appliances, the Software Knowledge Base is available online and at no cost. The Software Knowledge Base allows administrators from all backgrounds to leverage comprehensive information on a huge number of applications to help better identify and manage them through pertinent installation, configuration, and security information. In addition to the vast application resources already available at AppDeploy, also being announced today is the inclusion of new enterprise search capabilities using Google Search to help users quickly and easily find the information they seek.

"AppDeploy is an incredible tool for administrators seeking application deployment advice," said Bob Kelly, founder of AppDeploy and senior product manager at KACE. "Joining forces with KACE to create the Software Knowledge Base and getting real-time injections of rich, usable application deployment data is a perfect complement to the already established Package Knowledge Base, which was built by the existing community of over 200,000 monthly visitors– this opens up a whole new door to administrators in need of this pertinent information."

The new Software Knowledge Base is a powerful extension to community-contributed information currently available on AppDeploy that has been building over the last several years. AppDeploy now features multiple knowledge bases which link together, giving users a comprehensive set of resources across an enormous range of applications to efficiently and more effectively manage the software deployed on their networks. The Software Knowledge Base is driven by KACE appliance users who have opted in to share real-time information about the applications installed on their networks and their categorization and rating of these applications. By sharing this information with other community participants, administrators can tap into a vast repository of application information which aids them in making better day-to-day security, control, access, and license compliance decisions about what software they keep or remove from their networks. Specifically, information available through the Software Knowledge Base includes basic application details, installation and removal command lines, software category, and threat indicators.

"Stumbling across AppDeploy was one of the most productive discoveries I've made because of its extensive data warehouse and helpful community contributions," said Christopher Blake, workstation administrator at Benchmark Group. "Because the site is so incredibly easy to navigate, I'm able to quickly search and find installation solutions for most applications – from command line switches to MSI modifications to registry fixes, AppDeploy has it all. With the addition of Software Knowledge Base, my department will be able to further optimize our deployed software applications through an automatic sharing process between my KBOX appliance and AppDeploy."

The success of AppDeploy aligns with the results of a recent survey, completed by market research firm King Research, which reported 100 percent of IT professionals who participate in online communities benefit professionally, while an additional 85 percent found they benefit personally as well. AppDeploy was acquired by KACE, the leading systems management appliance company that saves customers time and money, in July 2007. This relationship has sparked the continuous development of AppDeploy's online community, while integrating its extensive deployment knowledge base directly into the KBOX family of appliances in the form of an exclusive feature entitled "AppDeploy Live". With this announcement, it is now a two way sharing relationship—AppDeploy shares best practices on application deployment with the KBOX via AppDeploy Live, and the KBOX now shares details such as threat level, software category, installation, and removal via its population of the Software Knowledge Base.

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