This video shows how you may use RIS to deploy Windows XP SP2 from a Windows 2000 server in fully unattended mode. From RIS installation and configuration, to slipstreaming Windows XP SP2, customizing the SIF (unattended answer file) and even including additional scripts and source files to automate the installation of additional software following the installation of Windows XP.

Running Time: 25:54


Detailed step-by-step walk through goes over creating a slipstreamed source (XP SP2), installing RIS (covering the nuances associated with handling XP on a Windows 2000 RIS server), creating a post installation script, etc.


How to customize RIS by adding to the files installed using $OEM$ and automating this installation by customizing the answer file (SIF) using Setup Manager and even some changes outside this Wizard using notepad (to to have it automatically activate XP, include the product key, etc.).