Ok, so here is my dilemma. I work in a very odd building in terms of interface on wireless networks. It is a semi-industrial environment. The issue is, I need to install 4 or more wireless access point to cover everything in the building. The issue is, no matter where I place them, there is going to be overlap and subsequent oscillation for clients between access points. In the past I have used HP Networking MSM710, which automatically captures all of the access points and acts as a controller to make sure traffic is routed properly. This is outside of our price range at the moment and I need an open source alternative as a proof of concept for the buy in from management to purchase such hardware.

Here’s what won’t work... Multiple ssid's, manual adjustment on a per access point basis unless it is done so through a central console, or anything that may be unsecure relative to wireless network security in general.

I'd like something compatible with dd-wrt.. Like though not require.

My only thought was to have a computer with multiple wireless nics in it with usb extenders run as a single, very large, wireless access point.

Any help would be awesome because I’m getting a headache lookin.


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If you are looking for something inexpensive, but still get centrally managed configuration abilities you should try the Netgear WMS105. http://www.netgear.com/landing/en-us/wms105.aspx

I have worked with it in the past. It works with most of the lower end/smb Access Points and all you need to do is install it on a server or PC that has LAN access to the APs.


Answered 03/08/2013 by: matthall
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