KACE SMA - Adding Clients to AD Groups

Hi All,

this is a little AddOn to my previous post: KACE SDA - Adding Clients to AD Groups during deployment
This blog will focus on an ongoing management of AD security groups. 

First i have to say the main script is written by OneScript Team.

The idea here is to use KACE SMA to have an sheduled or an adhoc script wich will assign devices to specific AD securitygroup(s). 
First we will create an online KScript like this: 

After that we have to decleare on which device(s) it should be deployed to. Here you can choose to leave it empty or using a specific smartlabel or whatever you need it for.
After that you have to add credentials of a user who has the right to add the targeted devices to the targeted AD securitygroups.
Pro Tipp: Only use Domain Administrator if you are in a lab :)  

We don't need a notification and the shedule is up to you. Maybe you wan't to run it every monday to be sure that every device is in the correct group(s). 
Necessary to check is the "Allow run without a logged-in user". 

And now the final step: Upload the VBS as dependency and configure a task (or multiple).

Of course you can do here whatever you want. Feel free to proof registry keys or whatever you like before adding a computer to an AD securitygroup. 
You can add all securitygroup names seperated by a space as an argument. So you are able to create different sets of joining ad groups in one task. 

You can download the script together with my AutoIt Wrapper for KACE SDA:  Here 

Please note that this is a selfmate script without vendor support.

Kind Regards
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KACE SDA - Adding Clients to AD Groups during deployment

Hi All, 

you are right here if you are looking for a solution to add your Windows Clients to AD groups during the inital deployment.

First i have to say the main script is written by OneScript Team.
I only added a short AutoIt wrapper to start this tool as a user which has the rights in the AD to add the actual client to the selected security group(s). 

Why did i use an AutoIt Wrapper? Because the Username and Password will not be stored as plaintext in the task.xml during the postinstallation task sequence. 

And that's the whole magic:
You only have to edit the script in the red marked square to your enviroment credentials. Then compile it via AutoIt SciTE and you will get an executable. 

After that you have to zip the VBS (AddGroup.vbs) and the executable to a normal compressed .zip file without password. 
Upload it afterwards to your SDA Postinstall-Tasks:

Now you are done. You can add all securitygroup names seperated by a space as an argument to the executable. So you are able to create different sets of joining ad groups in one task. 

If you have any problems or question reach out to me in the comments or contact me by mail (included in the AutoIt-Script). 

You can download my AutoIt Script together with the AddGroup.vbs from OneScript Team: Here

Please note that this is a selfmate script without vendor support.

Kind Regards

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Import Gmail Contacts into Thunderbird – Step by Step

With upgrading technology, thousands of applications are increasing data by day. Moreover, Gmail is one of the most popular email client, which provides a specific range of services. Due to certain reason, many users want to import Gmail contacts into Thunderbird to make a task easier. Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source and desktop-based email client among all the users. It is not just providing an email feature, but also organizes contacts, events, appointments, and tasks as well. Therefore, in the following section, we are going to discuss to let the users understand how to sync Gmail contacts to Thunderbird mail client.

“I was working in an organization where I use Gmail account. Now, I am leaving this industry so, I want to import Gmail contacts to Thunderbird email client. Therefore, I want to know that Can I export Gmail Address Book and then, import it into Mozilla Thunderbird profile. Kindly suggest me a relevant and quick solution”

2 Ways to Import Gmail Contacts to Thunderbird
There are two approaches that permit the users to import Gmail address book to Thunderbird email client. Let us follow below steps:

1. How to Export Contacts From Gmail Account
Go through the following steps to Export contacts from Gmail account as given below:

Step 1: First, you have to login Google account
Step 2: Then, click on ‘Drop Down arrow’ and navigate Gmail on the left-hand side
Step 3: After that, choose ‘Contacts’. This will help to load all contacts within main Gmail Window

Step 4: Now, hit on ‘More’ option from a menu list

Step 5: Next, click ‘Export’ option. On some PCs, a warning message appears that the Export feature is not available in a new preview version of Contacts. In that case, select the option of ‘Go To Old Contacts’.
Step 6: Contacts will open within a new tab. Select those contacts that you want to export by checking each of them. Or, you can select ‘All’ option. It will enable all the contacts. 
Step 7: Go to ‘More’ from the right top menu and choose ‘Export’ button

Step 8: A new dialog box gets open. Now, choose the ‘Selected Contacts’ according to first option and select ‘Outlook CSV format’ for another option and Press ‘Export’. A CSV file is downloaded to your desktop. 

2. Steps to Import Gmail Contacts into Thunderbird Application

Step 1: Firstly, you have to open Thunderbird and select ‘Address book’

Step 2: Then, Thunderbird contacts will open. Click on the ‘Tools’ from the top of Thunderbird. Next, choose ‘Import’ button

Step 3: Now, choose the ‘Address Books’ and then, click ‘Next’ to further continue

Step 4: After this, select ‘Text file (LDIF, .tab, .txt, .csv)’ option and choose ‘Next’ to move forward

Step 5: Under a new Explorer window, browse to the directory where saved contacts from Gmail account are located.  Choose ‘All Files’ to view the CSV file and then, double click to select it.

Step 6: From the Import Address Book dialog, it will permit to choose any contact attributes that you wish to import. You can choose many or all of them and press ‘OK’ button

Step 7: Finally, Your contacts have been successfully imported. A new list showing all Contacts will appear in the left pane of Mozilla Thunderbird Address wizard. 

Here, Gmail contacts are successfully imported into Mozilla Thunderbird. Using the above steps you can only export contacts from Gmail to Thunderbird. If you want to import all Gmail emails to Thunderbird, then you can configure that particular account in Thunderbird. If you want to access Gmail emails without configuration, then you can download Gmail emails in MBOX format using Google Takeout (first you have to login into Gmail account) and then import MBOX file into Thunderbird using SysTools Thunderbird Import Wizard Tool quickly and safely without losing data.

Final Thoughts
As everyone knows that Gmail and Mozilla Thunderbird both the applications play a significant role in business production. Along with this, we have already mentioned a complete manual procedure in a clear manner to let the users understand how to import Gmail contacts to Thunderbird account.
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Data and Insights that Matter Unveiling the All-New Contact Building App from DataCaptive

Today, DataCaptive, a Business Intelligence company with a global presence rolled out a revolutionary B2B Marketing App – The Contact Builder App. Through the app, the company equips marketers and businesses across the world with data-driven intelligence which leads to action-oriented marketing strategies. Once signed up, the app delivers fresh and highly customizable data and insights to a user. The verified data in the App can be customized based on marketing metrics such as industries and geographic locations.


According to the company’s sources, the application promotes ethical marketing and encourages users to focus on consent based conversion. A user can add prospects to subscription or mailing list prior to sending out emails or campaigns. This will lead to reduced spamming, digital stalking, and e-mail bouncing rate, and increased response ratio which can eventually lead to better sales and financial growth.


How Do Marketers Gain from the App?


The one thing a marketer loves the most is data which is mightier than 1000 billboards put together. The Contact Builder App empowers users with the power of accurate, precise, and relevant data using which one can target decisions makers directly. Here are a few benefits anyone who has access to the revolutionary Contact Building App stands to gain:


·         Access to data and  insights that can be used across digital marketing platforms

·         Knowledge to formulate better social media strategy

·         Data to enrich CRM

·         Better chance to nurture leads

·         Key information that enhances ABM campaigns

·         Insights that help facilitate better e-commerce conversion

·         Use the power of data to recapture stale leads


What makes the Contact Builder App several cuts above the rest is its ability to deliver fresh data every time a user signs in. The data within the App is cleansed using patented machine learning tools in order to offer users relevant data whenever they access the platform.


Fresh data and useful insights, that is what the app promises and that is what it delivers.


About DataCaptive


DataCaptive is a Business Intelligence Company based in California. The company, since its inception, has been focusing on enriching their client’s marketing efforts with unparalleled ideas. The experts at DataCaptive work towards strengthening the communication channels between the company’s clients and their customers. From lead generation to market research, DataCaptive is always committed to growing their customers business.
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3 Trends that Are Transforming the Face of Continuing Education

Education is moving far beyond meeting in brick and mortar classrooms. Here are three trends that are transforming the face of continuing education and likely to overthrow the traditional model altogether. We’ll also address how these overlapping trends affect each other.

Online Learning for Nearly Everything

MIT’s online massive open online courses can be seen as the first stamp of official approval for online learning. They moved a large number of undergraduate and graduate courses online, free for the viewing. Previously, if you wanted to receive advice from a professor, graded homework, and college credit or credit toward a micro-degree, payment was involved. Online learning is now becoming a routine alternative to attending classes in a brick and mortar building. There are classes with several times as many online attendees as students in person, while many classes feature a professor teaching from the home office while students from around the world connect, interact, submit homework, and receive feedback.

Online learning is also altering workplace learning. Workplace training on everything from sexual harassment training to lead exposure courses to HR seminars on bribery and corruption taught to procurement professionals are being taught online.


College enrollment in four-year programs remains strong with Millennials with four million reaching adulthood per year. The shift toward vocational programs and apprenticeships has started to reduce growth rates in college enrollment.

In the place of masters’ degrees for adults seeking continuing education is the micro-certification or micro-degree. You see people earning Six Sigma certificates instead of earning a master’s degree in engineering or MBA. They go to coding camp for several months on the weekend or a few weeks in person instead of returning to school for a computer science degree. For many adults, these micro-degrees taken simply online or in person are perfect for continuing education and are recognized outside of the workplace.

New Degrees of Specialization

Instead of the conventional master’s in business administration, it is possible to earn a master’s degree in supply chain management, IT management or international business. Instead of simply earning a master’s degree in degree in education and hoping to become a school principal or continuing education coordinator in an HR department, you can now earn an online master of education in adult and continuing education through an online MEAD program. These specialized degrees allow their holders to stand out in a sea of generic degrees and argue that their coursework makes them uniquely suited for a specific type of position.

Why Almost Everything You've Learned About Continuing Education Is Wrong and What You Should Know

Not all classes are like another. Online classes are ideal for people who are worried about their schedule. The procedure for deciding which massage therapy classes are most suitable for you may be an overwhelming practice. While nursing ceu classes are often necessary for renewal of licenses, they're also beneficial for an entire host of different explanations.

Just so you're clear, these lessons which you can acquire free online are generally not comprehensive enough for you to be in a position to land a very good job after completing it. These continuing education courses are often needed for licensing and renewal, but a lot of nurses decide to take more classes simply to keep up. If you are searching for a completely free Medical Coding program, their totally free PDF program ought to be your very first stop since they're an authority within the business. The custom of law involves a whole lot of responsibility. To be an expert interpreter you will need far more intense training than simply learning how to communicate. Your primary certification is very good for a couple of years. It is necessary to realize that certifications and degrees certainly help but don't mean everything.

You're going to be networking while going to school, which may really aid you down the street. There are many cosmetology schools offering continuing education courses in cosmetology. It's not something that's provided by the majority of colleges or continuing education courses, therefore it's your responsibility to be sure your employees get the info that they need. Community colleges also provide a wide variety of continuing education experiences. In the very first location, if you are looking for an appropriate program, be careful to check whether the school in question is an accredited professional institution. To be a pediatrician, you should begin planning and take step one in high school itself. Many schools that provide nursing programs also supply nursing ceu credit courses.

Students will also have to begin considering how they are going to draw in clients. They will be required to complete a certain number of hours learning in a classroom environment. Potential students should try to identify what sort of massage therapist they would like to become in order that they can select the school that's right for them. In addition, there are massage schools that focus on the health care field.

New Questions About Continuing Education

Should you wish to go for a career in culinary, then you've got to enroll in a culinary institute to learn the vital things needed as a way to succeed within this area. Obviously the profession has developed along the way, and it has developed into a great profession that aids people in many facets of their lives. As an overall rule, professionals can offer you more objectivity than you would receive from a friend or relative.

There are lots of educational websites on the net. The BBC schools website delivers lots of resources that you are able to use and which are safe for your kid to use. Practically all of the information you are searching for can be found here, but it may take hundreds of lifetimes to locate the correct info for you. Since you can see, there's a tremendous amount of overlap between different resources.

You may get school loans even when you have poor credit. In addition, there are means-tested loans offered plus scholarships and financial assistance programs. On the opposite hand, only interest cannot suffice as aptitude is essential to be in a position to succeed in an area. At school you've got a great chance to network with different individuals. In any event, you will need work experience if you prefer to become certified later on. You are not only going to have the ability to get an internet interactive experience from this site. Any expert environment in the modern world is extremely dynamic and competitive, creating new various tactics and procedures together with improving those already existing.

The certification procedure is intended to be simple and simple to follow. Many school methods provide community adult education classes. The program delivers educational material on the value of healthful diet, staying physically active, and the way to plan your financial plan for the entire month. The SNAP program permits recipients to purchase food that is prepackaged. So as to not be dismissed lightly in the work planet, you'll need to attend a certified Coding Program. This application will typically take one or two years to finish. Joint degree programs are available in several areas, including law and company administration or public administration.


Online learning is becoming not only accepted but standard both in the workplace and in place of the traditional college experience. Micro-degrees and micro-certifications are increasingly popular for working adults seeking to invest in themselves, while colleges are giving them equal weight with college coursework by accepting them as college credit. A bewildering array of specialized four year, masters, and doctorate programs are available to prepare people for new careers while allowing them to stand out from those who hold more generic degrees.

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