K1000 Service Desk: Advanced searching dates

Hi guys,

I just wanted to share a little issue I worked through with Kace support in the hope that it can save someone else the same frustrations.

I was trying to use a 'matches REGEX' when search for dates on tickets and not having any success with my query.

Your experience might vary to mine depending on your language/date settings but for our install of Kace the dates are being displayed as 'dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss'

However if I try and search for dates using this format, I wasn't getting any results. 

With the help of Kace support we fired up a copy of MYSQL Workbench and connected to the K1000 database and we were able to see the dates are in fact being stored in the following format. 'yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss'

So in conclusion, if you want to use regex or search dates make sure you format your dates as 'yyyy-mm-dd'

I hope someone else finds this useful. =]
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Something Wrong With the Data Files and Outlook Needs To Close – Resolved Error

The computer is connected to a network due to which our emails were on the Exchange server. I was encountering one or the another issue with an account. Basically, when I opened Outlook 2013 on different machines I was again-and-again encountering only one error message all-time i.e., “Something is wrong with one of the data files and Microsoft Outlook Needs to close”. I thought that I can resolve this error using inbuilt Inbox repair tool of Outlook. Therefore, I used this free tool but, it managed its working only for a short time duration by first eliminating an Outlook user profile and then again reconfiguring it. This solution worked for just about 36 hours and the issue again started.  Thus, in this blog, I am going to share all possible solutions to permanently fix this error message.

Causes of This Outlook Error
  • Error due to Installation of Network Devices: The networking devices like firewall, routers, hub, etc., might block the installation procedure of Office suite. This means that due to improper installation such error might occur.
  • The presence of Pre-existing Version of MS Office: If the existing edition of MS Office is not installed on a system then, such Outlook error might occur. Therefore, it is a recommendation to Outlook users that they should be updated from the latest version of Office.
  • Improper Activity Performed In Office Suite: If the proxy settings are enabled on your machine or any failure while processing had occurred then, it will result in incomplete installation or configuration of Office suite. Hence, as a result, an Outlook error message may also occur. 
Solutions to Fix Outlook Error
In order to debug this Outlook error, one needs to choose any one or more following solutions:

Measure #1: Disable Security Applications and Firewall
If you are encountering an error: Something is wrong with one of the data files and Microsoft Outlook Needs to close then, temporarily disable your system’s security measures. These measures involve following activities:
  • Turn off working of antivirus software, which is installed in machine
  • Disable the firewall or any other network device security from your PC
After performing this measure, try to operate Outlook and if the error still continues then, move to next approach; else stop here itself.

Measure #2: Uninstall/Install Office Suite For Error Fixing
For the accomplishment of this procedure, you need to first disable security software and firewall. After this, go through following a set of instructions:
  • If you are having a licensed version of Office then, login into 
Note: If you have already purchased a product key for Office then, go to and then enter the product key.
  • Enter username and password in order to access online account
  • Click on Install >> Download and then installation procedure will get started, after establishing a successful configuration
  • When installation gets finished, click on All Done button to continue
Microsoft Office suite with its latest version is now successfully installed on your system. Now try to access Outlook and run the data file in it. 

Measure #3: Making Changes/Updates in Windows Registry
After performing scanning on OST/PST file, configuring Outlook profile, and removing & installing Outlook, if the problem still continues then use this approach. The solution involves usage of Windows registry where Outlook application is installed on the machine.
  • Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\OFFICE\OUTLOOK\PST\ PROMPT REPAIR location and see the value on current window
  • If the value is mentioned 1 then, change it to 0 
This procedure might work by starting Outlook and then, you can work without rebuilding a new profile.
If in case these above-mentioned approaches do not work then it means that Outlook data file i.e., PST file had gone corrupted. Due to corruption in the storage file, Something is wrong with one of the data files and Microsoft Outlook Needs to close error message is occurring. Therefore, one can use an Outlook PST recovery solution for debugging the problem and continue working for task accomplishment.

Something Is Wrong With One Of Your Data Files And Outlook Needs To Close: This error can be resolved either with re-installation of Office suite or with help of different PST recovery solutions. In addition, it is a recommendation to Outlook users that whenever they are installing Office suite, they should first disable security software and firewall of their machine and then proceed further with the installation procedure.

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How to Migrate From Lotus Notes To MS Office 365???

Lotus Notes To MS Office 365:

If you are facing problems with Lotus Notes and want to migrte from it to MS Office 365 then simply follow these simple instructions and you are done :)


Step 1: Use IMAP Server to Create a Backup:

First you have to create a backup for your NSF file with the help of IMAP server. It is necessary as manual process is a little bit risky as it might lead to data loss or corruption if not done correctly.


Step 2: Generate New Mailboxes:

After you have created a backup of your NSF files, now the next step is to create mailboxes before you start the migration from Lotus Notes to MS Office 365.


Step 3: Activate IMAP Server by given below steps:

·         Launch IBM Lotus Notes application.

·         Browse Domino Administration -> Click on Configuration option.

·         Open Server files which runs on IMAP.

·         Now, enable the default TCP/ IP port:

Tap onPorts -> Select Internet Ports -> and then Choose Mail tab.

·         After that, change the default enabled IMAP TCP/IP Port by clicking on TCP/IP  port values to Enabled in the Mail( IMAP)-> Hit on Save button.

·         At last, Click on Close  -> and then Select Exit to end the process.


Step 4: Link with IMAP Connector:

And the final step is to link your data with IMAP connector.

All this mentioned steps, will surely help you to synchronize your data from Lotus Notes to MS Office 365 but this is not much trustworthy.

Hope this manual process helped you out in migrating your NSF files to PST.

Apart from the manual process there are some third party tools  too which can help you out. And these tools are very trustworthy with good results.

For any other queries or questions, kindly put a comment in the reply box below.

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Why Everyone Is Migrating From Lotus Notes To MS Office 365?

Migration from Lotus Notes To MS Office365:

IBM Lotus Notes has been one of the pillars for various users and corporations for its administration style and secured environment. Not only that, Lotus Notes also keeps up the mailbox in its exclusive association, NSF file format. And it also works with Domino Server, which is kind of a daddy in its field.


NSF To PST. Why?

Apart from these advantages, Lotus Notes have some limitations too due to which a large number of lotus users are migrating to MS Office 365. Email-client migration is not a new syndrome in our society. It is a gradual process but here within a couple of years Lotus notes have lost a big chunk of its users to MS Office. With its amazing features has gained popularity in no time. Both small and big corporations are now using MS Office 365 platform. The most valid reason for this huge migration is the management issue, which is very complicated. 

Apart from this, there are some other issues too.. which we will discuss in details about this migration:

1. Storage Problems: In Lotus Notes, if you have to store more emails then you would need a large amount of RAM for storing these excessive mailboxes. And here the charges can put a hole in your pocket, if you are looking for a new RAM. Whereas in MS Office 365 requires limited and cost-effective RAM for its usage and storage.

2. Complex Management:  MS Office 365 has a simple and easy interface so that even a novice or an amateur can also use it. But Lots Notes is known for its high-secured environment, which makes it a very complicated tool. To work on Lotus notes you need to have some technical knowledge or training.

3. High Maintenance Cost: With high security and complicated interface Lotus notes also requires maintenance. And the maintenance cost is quite high. Which is a drawback, for the small corporate houses who doesn’t have huge budgets for this costly platform.

4. Formatting Problems: Lotus Notes unable to contribute each HTML/CSS script appropriately due to which formatting issue occurs in emails and attachments. Hence, it results in troublesome in maintaining data flexibility due to faulty interpretation.

5. File Format Issues: As far I Know, the final problem that every Lotus notes users are facing is the file format in which Lotus stores its data. Lotus saves data and emails in NSF format and this NSF format doesn’t run on any other email clients. So when a user wants to access saved files in another email client they fail.

These are one of the big issues which Lotus Notes users are facing for a long time. But with the introduction of MS Office 365, they have got a new, simplified and cost-effective version of storing data and emails.



See it all depends whether you need a secured platform or a platform which is not that secured. If you have money and technical know-how than Lotus Notes is the best option for you. But If you are looking for a more lenient version and don’t want in invest much money than MS Outlook 365 is the option to go for.

Hope you like it. For any changes or questions or queries..kindly put a comment in the reply section 

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How to Sync Outlook 2010, 2011, 2013 Calendar With iCloud?

In the present arena Cloud Computing is playing a virtual role in the world of technology. Similar to the technologies that were only available to large-scale enterprises in their initial stage, Cloud Computing has also scaled down for small-scale enterprises as well. Although this technology shares a common conception of maximizing computer resources, there underlies a huge difference between desktop based and cloud based technology.  
If the users are having iPhone or iPad then, they must be aware of iCloud (an online storage), which is offered by Apple for numerous of Mac devices. Moreover, Apple has also launched a new edition of iCloud that is compatible with Windows OS as well. As most of the Windows, users utilize desktop-based email client like Outlook for their data management. Therefore, they need to store their data on the cloud as a backup. It works in its best way to transfer files from iPhone or iPad directly into the PC. In the following write-up, we will discuss the way to synchronize Outlook Calendar to the Cloud.

About iCloud
the iCloud account is completely free to sign up for utilization. Moreover, its free service includes the storage of 5GB. However, users can buy the extra space for storage if required, which is of £14 per year for extra 10GB, and going up to £70 per year for 50GB. However, for PC it has some limitations that sending photos from an iPhone to PC is fully automatic. For transferring a spreadsheet or word file from PC need log in to the iCloud site in a manner to upload as well as download files. On Windows PC, iCloud only store the information of Outlook 2007 and 2010.

Way to Install and Use iCloud on Windows
There is a systematic description of installing iCloud Control Panel for Windows PC. Users can follow the mentioned steps:
1. Firstly, browse and select for Windows PC option. Download iCloud for Windows.
Note: This works on Windows 7 or later versions to perform sync Outlook Calendar with iCloud Windows.
2. Once it is downloaded login to iCloud by entering your credentials.
3. Sharing documents with the help of iCloud is a bit complicated as it is difficult to transfer documents from an iPhone or iPad to PC directly. It is important to log in user’s account at >> click iWork.
4. The iCloud version on PC only works with Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. 

Sync Outlook Calendar with the iCloud Calendar 
Once the iCloud for PC is installed on the system then, synchronization can be set to be performed. Select the desired data to be synchronized with iCloud accordingly. For example, you need to synchronize Outlook 2007 calendar with iCloud then; schedule the synchronization procedure then, iCloud for Windows will start synchronization automatically.  Users cannot only synchronize calendars but contacts, as well as other crucial data, can also be synchronized.
After the procedure is completed, they can access MS Outlook Calendar with iCloud further, that data can be synchronized with any iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, etc. If the user makes any changes then, all the changes will automatically synchronize Outlook calendar with the iCloud account.  Synchronizing Outlook calendar with iCloud allows users to save their crucial data online on the cloud for safety. However, changes can be made from anywhere and anytime. For this, only credentials are required to perform the process.
Moreover, sometimes the need of users is to synchronize their Google Calendar with iCloud. Therefore, they firstly need to synchronize Google Calendar with Outlook after that they can perform the above process to synchronize Google Calendar with iCloud.

Data safety plays an important role for the work continuity. If the data is lost then, it creates a problem for all kind of users. As calendar holds all the schedule of the business users mainly so, it is important for them to manage timely and it is difficult for one to carry the laptop all the time. Therefore, in the above-discussion, we have discussed a way to synchronize Outlook Calendar to the Cloud so that they can access the data anywhere and anytime with an efficient way.
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