App-V v5.1 whats new (a peek)

A bit of an early view of what is happening with App-V v5.1

To help people migrate from App-V v4.

improved Q:\ drive support when converting v4 packages
added support for multiple scripts per trigger

modernised app-V server user interface.
Consolidated client logging (improved)

Application compatibility
Windows 10 Support
NEW Advanced package editor abilities
Expanded Copy-on Write to support more file extensions
Environment variables are merged in Connection Groups

Package Editor Enhancements

Virtual File System
Package manifest can be exported and imported
can import a directory of files in VFS (Finally!!)
File export/import allows updating VFS without deleting & re-adding

Virtual Registry
Can export/import .REG files (Finally!!)
new find and replace dialog

Browser Helper Objects
Can be enabled or disabled


I am looking forward to testing the new bits in the Package Editor.
When is it out you ask?? This summer, early summer, late summer I don't know, they have just said 'summer'.


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Google Chrome Devices better together with KACE

Better together…
Adding Chromebooks to a heterogeneous network has its many challenges but the risk of failure is outweighed by the reward of success. Many private and education networks have Servers, Clients and Mobile Devices. Managing those assets produces many complex problems. If your organization is currently a Google Apps enterprise (Apps for Education/Work) then you know the many benefits of Google’s infrastructure. If you’re deciding on a direction for your organization then proceed after careful consideration.

In the past your organization may have had labs on VLANs that only required limited outbound access. Going with a tablet or Chromebook will increase the outbound requirement. One of the best articles I have read on the topic of preparing for Chromebooks was written on a Dell partner blog.

Your WAN connections may not be the problem but in any case be sure you can increase your throughput should you require more. Many times in a network we'll discover various bottlenecks  especially when dealing with a legacy infrastructure. If you can design a solution to eliminate the flaws as part of a refresh great. If you’re working off a limited budget complete your analysis then replace what you can with this year’s budget and voucher funds.

Weather you choose the fruit or a Dell Chromebook 11 ease of deployment has to be a priority. You may only have a week to get the devices in the hands of your users while having their issues resolve so they can start the year without interruption.  All Chrome devices with annual ($30) or perpetual ($130) Management licenses ship ready for Zero-touch deployment. Zero-touch simply means that at first login instead of using the default sign-in you will need to have your student press Control+Alt+E and login using an Apps account. If they fail to complete this step you’ll need to factory reset the device (Power wash) in order to enroll it properly. Once enrolled your device is in verified mode and even if factory reset will be associated with your Apps domain.

First steps…
1. Chrome – connect / configure Wi-Fi
2. Accept Eula / allow updates
3. Enroll – Authenticate with Control+Alt+E once prompted login using an Apps account

Google through its partner infrastructure offers White Glove service for an additional $15 per device. Using some proprietary automation they'll configure your Wi-Fi settings, along with a baseline device configuration and enroll all your devices. Each of the partners uses a Google Apps account associated with your domain to enroll the new devices ( and apply policy. Once enrolled admins can only associate an asset tag, location, and Apps user to the device record. This process will get you to an operational state but managing all your devices from a single pane of glass is preferred over various disparate solutions.

If you currently use KACE for Systems Management adding all of your devices to a K1000 only takes a few minutes through Chromebook Device Discovery. KACE allows you to do agentless discovery of thousands of Chrome Devices adding them to inventory. You’ll also gain the ability to completely customize your related asset details beyond the hand full built into Google Apps. Most importantly since KACE has integrations with your AD domain you’ll be ready to interact with your users through the KACE Service Desk.

Looking for details on how to wipe, enroll, and apply policy?

** Don't forget to register for the Google Goodies that expire in 60 days **
Enterprise users are not eligible for some of the goodies but the Gogo in-flight WiFi is worth the attempt.

For additional tips and tricks feel free to continue this conversation below.
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Job Posting: Systems Administrator- GSMS, Inc. Camarillo, CA

Job Title:

Systems Administrator


 Camarillo, CA




Full time


M-F 8 AM-5 PM (Overtime as needed)


Director, Information Technology

Job Overview:
The Systems Administrator position is responsible for implementing and maintaining all aspects of GSMS technology with a focus on Active Directory, virtualization and security technologies. This includes resolution of daily support incidents, desktop and server troubleshooting, hardware/software installation and upgrades, new infrastructure build outs, relocations and upgrades.

Duties and Responsibilities:

·         Oversees the maintenance of both the LAN and the WAN

·         Assists in presenting to management recommendations related to purchasing and installing hardware, software, and telecommunications equipment

·         Acts as an escalation point for our support desk

·         Manages LAN security and monitors network performance

·         Manages the deployment of appropriate security patches, hot fixes, and software updates

·         Manages licenses for all operating-system-related software

·         Performs network backup according to a regular schedule

·         Participates in the development of policies, procedures, and resources that standardize the functioning of the network

·         Investigates and follows both industry and internal best practices

·         Keeps up-to-date documentation of applications, systems, and network equipment

·         Enforces IT standards and educates employees about compliance issues

·         Manages user accounts for employee hires, changes, and terminations

·         Commits to continuous improvement and learning of products and technologies

Knowledge, skills, and abilities:

·         Ability to evaluate critical systems, prioritize work, and determine solutions

·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills

·         Ability to interpret and apply laws, regulations, and policies

·         Intermediate or higher skillsets in Windows Servers, Active Directory, MS Exchange, SQL, VMware Products, networking technologies including Cisco Meraki products; System security techniques and firewall administration; SysPro ERP and related add-ons

·         A working knowledge of these technologies: Microsoft Office; Microsoft OS client versions and related utilities; VPN, remote access, and configurations of home PCs connected to the corporate network remotely; PDAs, Tablets, and combinations thereof; hardware installation and support; Internet and Web technologies, Crystal Reports, VoIP troubleshooting, Microsoft Lync, Dell Kbox systems


         Overall outstanding work ethic

         Works independently (self-managing)

         Excellent attendance and punctuality

         Accepts accountability

         Meets commitments

         Easily adapts to changes (schedules, clients, deadlines)

         Exhibits a sense of urgency

         Remains calm and focused under pressure

and experience:

         Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Management of Information Systems, or a related degree, or equivalent education and work experience

         Microsoft Certified

         Significant knowledge of or background in integrated online systems, LANs/WANs, telecommunications networks, and application software, preferred

         Cisco certification is a bonus

Special Requirements:

         Ability to lift 40 lbs.

         Ability to bend, stoop and kneel.

         Ability to sit up to 1 hour at a time.

         Ability to reach overhead.

         Verbal ability to communicate with co-workers and various vendors in person and by telephone.


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Patch on the first xxxDay of the month

For those of use that know and love KACE the ability to patch against a a schedule is key to automating the process of protection for our endpoints, however there are limitations to what can be configured using the wizard and if you wanted to set up your schedule to run on the first Wednesday of the month, the scheduling options within KACE falls short.

This has been raised on Uservoice and with considerable weight behind it, looks as if we will see some KACE development to add the functionality.

However, the wheels of product dev can move quite slowly there is a potential workaround that you can implement that will give you this functionality.

For more details check out our blog at:
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