Boxedit - Auto Update

Hello All,

I have created package Boxedit

I am facing problem in its auto update. It is doing auto update and upgrading to version i could not find any registries or files for the same.

Is there is any way to suppress its auto update? Please do reply.

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Bob Kelly to Deliver Keynote at This Year's Application Management Event

I'm happy to announce that I'll be speaking at this year's AppManagEvent in Utrecht. You may know this as it's former name: the Packaging Event.  In much the same way AppDeploy opted for a broader name, the event name has been updated to better communicate its focus on all things related to software (such as virtualization, compatibility, packaging, deployment, management, etc.). 

I've had the honor of participating a few times in the past, delivering sessions and keynotes. This year I'm excited to be delivering the opening keynote for the event on the topic of how to apply agile methodology to the packaging and deployment process. No matter the size of your team, delivering quality work on schedule is a significant challenge. I wrote a blog post on how one can lean on some of the processes proposed by Scrum in order to help address these challenges. In this session, I will be breaking that down further with more suggestions and examples on how to make it work best for your organization. 

This is a fun event, and what I have always pictured an AppDeploy/ITNinja event to be if we had one. Entrance to the event is free, so you need only talk your employer into covering your travel costs! I hope to see you there!

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Deploying image with K2000 Version 3.6.98680 - Problems not having with previous version

We have just performed the upgrade to 3.6.98680 and are now having a ton of issues:


1) Non-SYSPREP Dell Latitude 3440

- After Image deploys to machine, computer try's to auto boot into the user account like normal. Error comes up that the password for the user account has expired and needs to be changed. ( started to happen after upgrading to 3.6.98680)

2) SYSPREP Dell OptiPlex 3010

- After the Image deploys and reboots into new deployed image, everything is in a optimized windows 7 classic mode ( started to happen after the update to 3.6.98680)

I will update with more updates



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KACE 1000 6.0 Single Sign On and LDAP Tip

Kace 1000's Single Sin On default settings had some issues detecting my Windows 7 user logon accounts.
After joining and enabling Active Directory Single Sign On users still had to type their username and password in order to access the helpdesk. 
Perplexed by this I referred to the access logs and found that the usernames were being detected properly as "".
However the usernames are incompatible with the default LDAP Authentication filter "(samaccountname=KBOX_USER)".

As such I updated the LDAP filter as follows.
  1. Settings > Control Panel > Authentication Setting
  2. Edit - LDAP Authentication
  3. Modify Search Filter - 
  4. Click - Save

So as to be more specific with user authentication.
We'll limit LDAP to users that are members of certain user groups and with enabled user accounts using the following LDAP query.

(&(|(samaccountname=KBOX_USER)(mail=KBOX_USER))(&(!(userAccountControl:1.2.840.113556.1.4.803:=2))(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user))(|(memberOf=cn=Contractors,ou=Security Groups,ou=UserGroups,dc=domain,dc=com)(memberOf=cn=Employees,ou=Security Groups,ou=UserGroups,dc=domain,dc=com)))

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BOGO offer extended till September 22 – Dell World & Dell World User Forum

Great news! Our BOGO offer has been extended! Register at before September 22nd.

Dell World User Forum (#DWUF) brings together Dell Software technical users from organizations across the country and exposes them to the most up-to-date technical, deep-dive content, hands-on labs and demonstrations for the critical Dell Software products that you use to run your business, including:

  • Endpoint systems management (KACE)
  • Data protection - backup/recovery, archive, de-dupe, etc.
  • Identity and access management (IAM) - single sign-on, privileged access, etc.
  • Network security - next-generation firewalls and secure mobile access solutions
  • Database management - for Oracle and SQL Server
  • System and storage performance monitoring - for traditional and virtualized environments
  • Data and application integration
  • Business intelligence (BI) and data analytics
  • Cloud management
  • Windows migration and management
  • Mobile device and enterprise mobility management (EMM)
  • Dell Software appliance-based offerings
  • Dell Software "as a service" based offerings

New for 2014, we are offering "solution-oriented" sessions featuring intelligent combinations of individual Dell Software offerings stacked together to help you do more with Dell, and reduce the amount of vendors needed to meet the needs of your most important use-cases.


Attend the Dell World User Forum and benefit from its specific focus on infrastructure and operations-oriented content. Plus, gain access to the Dell World (#DellWorld) main event, keynotes and sessions to round out your experience and discover the full capabilities of Dell's most up-to-date hardware, software and services solutions for today's hottest IT mega-trends, including:

  • Mobility/BYOD
  • Big data
  • Cloud
  • Security

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