Businesses Prime for Micro Blogs

Everyone knows blogging is big business, but what about micro blogging? It’s the Twitter of the blogging world and fills a very real demand: People want more information packed into easily digestible nuggets. There are a number of IT, tech and software companies offering micro blogging as a service or providing platforms for big-sized bloggers to make their own impact. However, how can you know if micro blogging is for you?

Different businesses have different needs, markets and caveats. For example, a real estate company serving buyers and sellers is already inundating customers with information. However, with video walk-throughs and aerial photos taken by drones, you can now get by with nothing more than bullet points for text content. By adding micro blogging to a real estate company’s forte, clients can easily take in the information while keeping up to date with new listings or information on property features.

Here are a few businesses that are a perfect match for micro blogs:

1. Online media outlets

There’s a lot of competition in this industry, especially if you specialize in a niche like entertainment, tech or finance. Standing out becomes crucial, but you don’t want to totally turn into an image-only outlet. Instead, give your readers what they want in quantities that are doable. Snippets of information can be teasers or “news” in their own right.

2. E-tail providers

Are you constantly releasing new products or want to connect with customers to get their feedback? Micro blogging is much more likely to be read than full-length blogs, especially by customers who simply want to check out ASAP.

3. Consultants

Whether it’s SEO, management or any other specialty, consultants need to constantly work on expanding their client base. However, when you work largely with CEOs and other hot shots, you need to condense your outreach into the equivalent of an elevator pitch. A micro blog lets you do that while showing that you respect others’ time.

4. Fitness gurus

Maybe you’re a trainer, one on one yoga teacher or a boxing coach. You know your clients are busy, but you still want to draw in new customers or give your current roster a little nudge of encouragement. Following a fitness guru’s micro blogs are a lot easier than a full blog. They’re like the savasana of fitness: Necessary, but brief and rejuvenating.

Is micro blogging a good fit for you? Start with a user friendly platform and a strong community of support.

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Adding SAP GUI connection entries to the Services file

for any SAP packager who is doing SAP Packaging, whenever you need to add new Saplogon.ini entries to the Services file, use the script option within the SAP NWADMIN app.

this allows a check and add of the entries to the bottom of the services file. you can use the same option to delete any existing entries as well.
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Disable autostart Lync 2013

In order to disable Lync 2013 to autoastart after installing you must add the following reg keys:


AutoRunWhenLogonToWindows DWORD 0
FirstRun DWORD 1
MinimizeWindowToNotificationArea DWORD 1
AutoOpenMainWindowWhenStartup DWORD 1
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Not mismatch type expression error Access 2007

Hi Everybody,

I have got that error in this query and I was wondering what I have to do to solve this problem.

SELECT CInt(PC_CarelHQ_modificato.[n inv]) AS nInv, PC_CarelHQ_modificato.[n inv], Lansweeper_jacopoBelloni.[Numero Inventario] FROM Lansweeper_jacopoBelloni RIGHT JOIN PC_CarelHQ_modificato ON Lansweeper_jacopoBelloni.[Numero Inventario] = PC_CarelHQ_modificato.[n inv];

Moreover I have to say that there are some null values in the primary key used, I have tried to fix the trouble using 0, or making the number like a string and setting to "NA" if it is null. And then I tried to pick up everything that was not acually "NA". I have also to say that I'm working in these tables in reading mode, because the tables came from 2 different excels files, which I can't modify, so I have to use a query to fix it. 

Thanks in advance!

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Invalid use of null value Access 2007

I was doing this query when I got an invalid use of null value error:

SELECT Lansweeper_jacopoBelloni.[Numero Inventario], CInt([Numero Inventario]) AS Espr1
FROM Lansweeper_jacopoBelloni INNER JOIN PC_CarelHQ_modificato ON CInt(Lansweeper_jacopoBelloni.[Numero Inventario])=PC_CarelHQ_modificato.[n inv];

In the Lansweeper_jacopoBelloni table the primary key "Numero Inventario" is text, so I was doing a cast on it, because in the other table it is an integer (it is an index so there is no decimal stuff).

I Had moreover two other alternatives to make it works.

i) SELECT Lansweeper_jacopoBelloni.[Numero Inventario], Val(Nz(Lansweeper_jacopoBelloni.[Numero Inventario]," ")) AS Espr1 FROM Lansweeper_jacopoBelloni INNER JOIN PC_CarelHQ_modificato ON Val(Nz(Lansweeper_jacopoBelloni.[Numero Inventario])," "))=PC_CarelHQ_modificato.[n inv];

which gives me a mistake about a wrong number of arguments in Val(..........)

ii) SELECT Lansweeper_jacopoBelloni.[Numero Inventario], Val(Nz(Lansweeper_jacopoBelloni.[Numero Inventario],0)) AS Espr1 FROM Lansweeper_jacopoBelloni INNER JOIN PC_CarelHQ_modificato ON Val(Nz(Lansweeper_jacopoBelloni.[Numero Inventario]),0))=PC_CarelHQ_modificato.[n inv];

which gives me the same mistake as i) !

Thanks in advance.

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