I'm noticing that in our current patch deployment about 10% of the target machines are failing to patch.  The error displayed on the patch schedule is 'error (handshake failed)'.

The errors in the pluginPatching.log files on the client PCs are identical:

[Tue Oct 20 18:46:29 2015] DownloadFile: 'C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\patches\HANDSHAKE.LST.gz' error occurred: 'Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to $server:443 ' Error Code (35:SSL connect error), url: https://$server/service/patchhandshake.php?kuid=DEBF15C5-ED60-4902-AD26-65AB501C5C2F&path=windows/
[Tue Oct 20 18:46:29 2015] Error (cURL) copying files from 'https://$server/service/patchhandshake.php?kuid=DEBF15C5-ED60-4902-AD26-65AB501C5C2F&path=windows/' to 'C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\patches\HANDSHAKE.LST.gz': (35) SSL connect error
All of our agents are v5.5.30275.  Yes, I know we're behind, that's next on the list.

All of the target machines are physically inside the office building and the affected machines share the same subnets as other client machines that successfully patched, so I'm somewhat sure it's not a network issue.

The affected agents also seem to have no issue using HTTPS to download script dependencies as I can push a test script to the affected machines and it will execute without error.
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