We are looking for a way to enhance our KBOX 1100 Service Desk ticket escalation process so that we don't only get spammed by the Kbox with annoyance mail when an item is over due or needs escalation, but we want to have items gradually increase in priority until the low priority documentation item that has sat there for a year is of a higher priority than the next thing that comes in. 

Are people using rules to do more work distribution and prioritization activities like this?


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  • Rules are the best way to accomplish this. If you are familiar with writing rules you can based changing priorities on how long the ticket has been opened.

    Ticket 1 has been opened and is Normal
    Ticket 1 has been opened for x hours or days move to Medium Priority
    Ticket 2 has been opened and is Normal
    Ticket 3 has been opened and is Normal

    Ticket 2 is what you would want to get done as it is now the higher priority.

    Then you can determine how long a ticket will stay at Medium before it goes up the chain.
  • We have created a similar configuration for customers, having a standard escalation "ladder" for ticket SLA's so a ticket on a weeks SLA after 4 days changes to the next priority and after 4 hours changes again. This means that technicians can work their ticket lists in order and the low prioirty ticket will eventually be the most important. We also combined that with otehr hidden fields so once escalation has begun the priority cannot be manually changed and finally added an SLA flag to indicate late calls.

    All of this was done with simple logical ticket rules and standard customisation. If you would like to see how we achieved this please let me know
    • Thanks, I may follow you up on this once we solidify our SLA's.
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