I am using File Sync to push out a 600 MB zip file to a number of Window 7 devices.  After a period of time the file sync stop working leaving the zip file in a partially downloaded state in the Dell\KACE\Downloads\### folder.  The size of the partially downloaded zip file is different on each device.  At this point I am unable to get the file sync to work again.  Force checking in the device does not work.  Restarting the services does not work.  Thanks!
Appliance is on 6.2.109330.  Agent is on 6.2.1025.
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  • I think that the best approach to troubleshoot the issue is first of all to enhance the log levels of the agent.
    To enable the debug logging you need to run on a device with the KACE agent the following command:
    AMPTools debug=true
    AMPTools.exe is under C:\Program Files\Dell\KACE (for a 32bit OS) or C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\KACE (for a 64bit OS)
    You can find the logs under %Programdata%\Dell\Kace
    I do not recall if in version 6.2 the new folder %Programdata%\Dell\Kace\User was already introduced or not...anyway if present you can find logs there as well.
    I'd suggest to order the log by last modified date/time and have a look to them with notepad++ (or something better than notepad).
    If you do not spot anything useful I'd recommend to open a case with the support and provide the logs collected from one or more devices.
    Kind regards,
    Marco - StockTrader
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