Cancel Mistakenly Sent Mail In Outlook

When you work basically on sending and receiving mails in Outlook, it might happen that you mistakenly send message to a wrong person to whom it is not meant for. This generally occurs if the email address in your contacts are similar, or while forwarding a message. To tackle with this problem Outlook has a Recall This Message Feature through which you can delete the message. But it only works if it not downloaded on local computer in general the user has not opened it. 
Here are the Steps on How To Recall Message in Outlook.
Go to sent items from Mail box.
Double click on the message which you want to recall
Click on messages in top bar and select Actions 
Under Actions window click “Recall This Message” feature.
Select delete unread copies of this message and OK.
You can select Replace with a new message option if you want to change content
In this way the receiver won’t be able to see the mail. Complete Step by Step details are given at

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Adding a HP PCL 5 Printer Driver with Printer and Port for non Print Server based printing

If you are requiring to add a silent install via a script of a "HP Universal Printing PCL 5 " driver follow the following and create a Kscript to do so:

Download the HP PCL 5 Universal driver from HP: and zip it together, upload to the Kscript as a dependency.

Create a new online Kscript and the following 3 entries under the remediation section:

**** This line creates a TCP/IP printer port, RAW, with IP address of ( replace this IP with desired IP address)****

Directory:                         $(KACE_SYS_DIR)
File:                                  cscript.exe
Wait for Completion:        Selected
Parameters:                    $(KACE_SYS_DIR)\Printing_Admin_Scripts\en-US\prnport.vbs -a -r -h -o raw -n 9100 

**** This line installs the HP Universal Print Driver to be used by the printer at the earlier created IP Port. ( replace 115 with the script # of your SMA)****

Directory:                         $(KACE_SYS_DIR)
File:                                  cscript.exe
Wait for Completion:        Selected
Parameters:                    $(KACE_SYS_DIR)\Printing_Admin_Scripts\en-US\prndrvr.vbs -a -m "HP Universal Printing PCL 5" -h C:\programdata\dell\kace\kbots_cache\packages\kbots\115

**** This line installs the HP Printer, provides a label of it as a descriptor name and attaches to earlier created IP address based port. ****

Directory:                         $(KACE_SYS_DIR)
File:                                  cscript.exe
Wait for Completion:        Selected
Parameters:                      $(KACE_SYS_DIR)\Printing_Admin_Scripts\en-US\prnmngr.vbs -a -p "First Floor Bld A" -m "HP Universal Printing PCL 5" -r

In this example, printer is named "First Floor Bld A" and IP is Change the descriptor name and IP to suit your needs and IP to match the port created in line 1.


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KACE SMA - automation of UserArchiv

Hi Guys, 

just want to share a simple AddOn for our newest KACE SMA release 7.2 from last week. One of the new features is the UserArchival. Wouldn't it be nice to have this automated? I imagine that if you disable an account in you directory service the same account in KACE should be archived. And here is how it works: 

First of all - this works only with Users imported from Windows Active Directory. 

Step 1 - Prepering the Usertable
First we have to add a custom field to the SMA usertable. To do that please open a random user and click on "Customize Additional Fields". 

Rename an existing custom field or add a new one. I renamed mine to UserAccountControl.

Step 2 - Getting the Data into the KACE
Now we have to edit our userimport to get the information whether we can archive a user or not. This will be decided by the attribute "userAccountControl". 
These values are necessary to know:
  • 512 - Enabled
  • 514 - Disabled
  • 66048 = Enabled, password never expires
  • 66050 = Disabled, password never expires

Expand the imported attributes like shown below:

After you (or the system) have run the user import again you will see the userAccountControl values added to the users. 

Step 3 - Create a ticket rule 
This is the last step to get the automatic user archival feature running. 
Create a new ticket rule directly with SQL and call it "automated user archival" (or something like this). Choose a priority that fits your environment. I would recommend to let this rule run at least once a day (a few minutes after your last userimport). 

Select SQL Statement:

Then only select the checkbox for "Run update query"
Update SQL:

Please note that you can change the Username in line 1 to a username you want to archive these users.
That's it! You now have an automated user archival based on the AD account status. Enjoy :)

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KACE SDA deployment types and their differences

There are 3 major deployment types available for use in the KACE Systems Deployment Appliance (SDA). They are complementary solutions that excel in different situations. 

Scripted Installs

  • Leverages the drivers and drivers_postinstall shares during the deployment
  • Requires volume license source media
  • No initial preparation other than creating an unattend using the wizard and uploading the source media
  • Customization is done via pre- and post-installation tasks
  • Can be deployed via unicast
  • Windows Only

System Images

  • Leverages the drivers_postinstall share during the deployment, if enabled.
  • Initial preparation must be done prior to image capture (e.g. sysprep - see the System Images Best Practice KB)
  • Customization can be done to the image itself and via pre- and post-installation tasks
  • Windows and Mac
  • 2 sub-types: K-Image and Native (WIM for Windows and ASR for Mac)

  • Image files are stored individually in the SDA hashstore and are de-duplicated across all images
  • Less space used for multiple images that have identical files
  • Slower imaging when deployed in full
  • Ability to perform a delta deployment (great for image refreshes)
  • Ability to use the Image Browser function to make changes to your image files
  • Can be deployed via unicast

  • Image files from a partition are stored within a single compressed WIM or DMG file
  • Requires the image master to have enough free space to capture the image locally
  • More space taken for multiple images (unless they are duplicated)
  • Faster imaging, especially with the KSWIM Toolkit (Windows unicast only). For more details see the blog post
  • Can be deployed via unicast or multicast (single partition only)

More information on the differences between K-Image and WIM can be found in this KB article

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KACE Useful links - More tricks for your Enduser console

So last year I wrote a blog suggesting that you could use the Useful Links section of your KACE end user console as a Service Catalog.                    Ke8cOn.png

By creating task specific queues in Your KACE servicedesk, you can present your end user with a custom ticket layout for them to make requests i.e. Office moves, New Equipment requests etc


This is presented in the Useful links section by capturing the URL for a new ticket screen in the Useful Link

To refer back to that original post, click the link below, I believe all of its content still works

But did you know that you can also do exactly the same thing with a process??!!

If you want your end user to not only log a single ticket, but also set a process in motion then carry out the following steps.

  • First create your process, setting up all of the ticket stages that are required
  • Next change your URL for your kace box view from <KACE_BOX_NAME>/admin to <KACE_BOX_NAME>/adminui
  • Then start your process within your KACE box and capture the complete URL that is displayed when opening the initial process ticket
  • Finally create your Useful link and use that URL as the link


And there you go, clicking on that useful link starts the process running

Check out my other IT Ninja Blogs here

Or visit our homepage here for more KACE information, hints and tricks
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