why only Q drive necessary

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we can seqence the app other than Q drive is called VFS Sequencing(virtual file system) The method of allowing an Application to install on C: drive during the monitoring phase of the sequencing is termed as VFS sequence.

Answered 04/13/2013 by: srinivaskanchi
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You can have any drive . Q Drive is general/default drive . All depend on the infrastructure that is setup in client infrastructure . Though 70-80% of applications are not concenred on the drive you have used in sequencing phase (Q Drive) , there might be scenerio where it do look for same drive (any entry in ini or other files for specific file). Hope that answer you Question.

Answered 04/14/2013 by: rock_star
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While the history of the Q drive is a bit of a mystery and I myself used to tell various "truths" behind it the importance of a consistent mount point never varied. We chose Q as the physical representation of the mount point (SFT_MNT) because it was the middle letter and most likely not to be occupied by a drive mapping (working backwards from Z:) or because of the character on Star Trek. Which do you believe?

You can sequence to any drive letter, including C as a VFS install. The sequencer would take the directory you installed to and captured and shorten it to an 8.3 name by default. So, while the letter is not as critical because it would always be converted to the %SFT_MNT% that the client used as the mount point, the root directory was important if you sequenced applications that were similar. Multiple versions of office for example because the 8.3 that gets mounted on the Q drive (SFT_MNT) has to be unique.

Somewhere in the ether are all my old writings on this either in Softricity / Microsoft training material or truncated blog posts.

New to this forum, but old to virtualization. ;-)

Answered 04/18/2013 by: seando40
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