i am trying to use psexec to automatically remove credant and decrypt from remote computers using the above, however, i have not been able to remove it, it seems that the CMGSDEMONITOR part is wrong

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  • From what i found on the web this is a pain and usually results in data loss. People are unhappy with the removal process. It looks like the successful ones decrypt the data prior to uninstall not during it, and it can take hours. They mention a CMG Decryption agent
  • yes, the CMG decryption agent is a second component, that gets installed after uninstalling credant, in the manual process, the technician picks the option of installing the decryption agent, or not, and that is why i am wondering if such option is available as part of the package, since Dell acquired Credant, their knowledge base has been empied, and they only hold two articles that are completely useless, i have 20 + machines that still have this plague, and i need to remove it, i was just wondering if someone knew an easier way to do this, thank you for your info SMal.tmcc
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