Virtualizing with App-V?

Has anyone been able to successfully Virtualize Maple 18.0.1?  I am able to Sequence the app with the App-V Sequencer, and run it on that particular machine.  However, when I deploy the application as an App-V package, I get a "too many recursions" error every time I try to do anything in the application.

Anybody have any ideas?

it starts as soon as I open the application....  See the attached photo.... 


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  • Does the application work as a stand-alone on your standard workstation build? Test with a VM/sacrificial PC.

    My first suspicion would be Java.... - anonymous_9363 9 years ago
  • Sadly, it does work fine if I install it directly. It also works fine on the VM that I use to sequence the App.

    I can't seem to find anything related to that version of Java... When I search for it and APP-V, the top two results are posts to to MapleSoft's threads which have no answer. - dafyre 9 years ago
  • If you install physically and then put your sequence on the same box, does the sequence work? That may indicate that something is missing in the sequence if it does.

    If it's an MSI, open it up and check that you have all of files, registry etc in your sequence. If it isn't do a quick snapshot and compare.

    You could use ProcMon to see what it's trying to access when you get the error, and compare that to a working physical install. It may just point you in the right direction at a file level. - dunnpy 9 years ago
  • I've been working on ProcMon using the APP-V'd version of it...I can't seem to figure out where exactly in ProcMon the error is occuring. I checked my time and then started procmon and stopped it when the error came up and worked backwards, but still don't see anything glaring.

    I've also gone back and tried to allow the local access to stuff as well, and that doesn't get it either...

    That actually is an excellent Idea that you have, Dunnpy... I'll give it a whirl and post back. - dafyre 9 years ago
  • Okay, so this is quite interesting... I did as Dunnpy suggested and installed Maple 18 directly on my APP-V Client with...quite interesting results.

    If I start the locally installed Maple it works fine... If I leave the locally installed copy open and launch the APP-V copy? It works perfectly.

    Close it all out and reboot... Now if I start the APP-V'd version of Maple, it still errors. If I leave the APP-V'd version open, and launch the local install, that one starts erroring out as well.

    This leads me to a few conclusions... the two that make sense to me are :

    a) After launching one instance of Maple (either Local or APP-V'd), and you try to start the next one, it sees the existing instance and just uses what is already there.

    b) The problem likely lies somewhere in the mserver.exe process which does some network communication.

    Note: I just realized something: I have *NOT* tried this with a local license file. We have a Network Activation server for Maple here.

    Sill no solutoin... but got a few steps farther this time! - dafyre 9 years ago
  • @dafyre Did you happen to figure out Maple 18? I have the same problem with Maple 17.02. - jal 8 years ago
    • Sadly, I have not. I just found out that our campus has purchased the Maple 2015 license. Once we get the license information, I will be testing the Maple 2015 and see if it still has the same problem as well. I'll report back. - dafyre 8 years ago
      • I contacted Maplesoft Support. According to the tech guy, Maple in Citrix is not officially supported but people were successful in packaging with App-V and Citrix.

        An excerpt from his response:
        "One thing to watch out for is if the file path becomes too large, it will cause problems with the application launcher as it passes a large string of options along to the JVM when it launches the Java interface. This string is limited in the amount of characters that it can accept, having it append 80 extra characters onto the file path multiple times can and will exceed this string limit. If you are seeing this, you should investigate if there is any way to reduce the size of this path name."

        The file path to the Maple executable is about 90 characters long (the GUID is pretty long) for me, so this may be my problem. I'm waiting for support to confirm whether the error message indicates this is the issue. If it's not the file path, then I may consider installing the software on the image itself. - jal 8 years ago
  • I have actually back pedalled a bit. We are installing all of our applications directly on our image now. - dafyre 8 years ago
    • We're doing a combination of image and App-V. Not sure if it's possible to App-V Maple. I was able to run it as a standalone package by copying the redistrib dll files to the bin folder within the App-V package but not exactly what I'm looking for as it cannot be managed by App-V. Support hasn't come back with any other suggestions. - jal 8 years ago
      • I am finding that if you are doing everything with a single master image that it is easier to operate without App-V. I just keep a working image with all our software on it.

        When we need to push out a new package, I just install the software on the master image and hit "Go" and it redeploys the master image for me.

        I am keeping my eyes on App-V for sure. Hopefully it keeps getting better and better! - dafyre 8 years ago
  • I've had a lot of experience with managing images/templates. After a while, it gets "dirty" and harder to manage.

    Depending on the software, uninstalling can leave remnants of the old and cause problems for a new version or other pieces of software (software conflicts and all that).

    App-V works and it is getting better but it's not a solution for everything, especially for larger pieces of software. In this case, it's not App-V per se, but the software, which has a character limitation.

    I don't know your setup, but it may be much better than mine. This is just from experience ;) Happy packaging! :) - jal 8 years ago
  • Hi, has anybody got to the bottom of this and managed to sequence it? I am have the same issues as above. In app v 4.6 there was a fix to run the icons as "console" not sure it is relevant for this but was something they had to do here to make it work. - IanBriggs 8 years ago
    • I have an unofficial version of Maple 2015 from Maplesoft Support intended for App-V testing. I was able to successfuly package it with App-V 5. No "recursion errors". It's a little laggy compared to it being installed on an image. There's also some random freezing but that may be due to autoupdate enabled. It's actively being used by instructors/students (first semester) and they seem to be happy. - jal 8 years ago
  • We have moved away from using App-V at the moment due to several apps having issues like this. - dafyre 8 years ago

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