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Is there any easy way to sequence QuickTime 7.73. I am using App-V 4.6 Sp1 on a Win7 work station. I did it the way that was told in stealthpuppy. But the plugin for internet explorer did not work. Is there anyway that you guys can help me.


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One of the steps in Aaron's recipe is to create a shortcut to Internet Explorer, in the 'bubble', so that the QuickTime plugin is availabe in IE.

The plugin will only be availabe IF Internet Explorer is launched from the shortcut you created to it in your sequence, that is the nature of sequencing browser plugins.

If this is what you have done, could you provide futher details on what 'did not work' and what you've already attempted to troubleshoot the issue?



Answered 06/13/2013 by: dunnpy
Red Belt

  • I have tried that script that Aaron had in the recipe. I have installed it in the Virtual Drive and also have the QTP file into the virtual drive and pointed the Local Preference to the virtual drive. I have also edited the preferences when running the app when sequencing it. But it did not save them.
  • The OSD script is to manage the preferences file, I would expect that the browser plugin would work independently of the preferences - which I think is a different issue.

    You have a shortcut to Internet Explorer as part of your sequence, and when you launch that it fails to use the plugin - is that correct?
    How are you testing the QuickTime browser plugin?
  • I stream it through App-V console. Just to check if it is working or not.the player works fine, but the plugin doesn't work.Like you said I think i need to add Internet explorer added to the bubble.
  • That is what Aaron's recipe states, that you need to the IE shortcut in the sequence. If you haven't done this then of course it isn't going to work.

    Sometimes it isn't worth the hassle sequencing some software, and anything with a browser plugin I tend to go 'thick'.
    The end-user has to launch IE with your sequenced browser shortcut for it to work, but they've probably already got a browser window open and won't realise the implications and log a call.

    I bet you went thick for Flash and Shockwave Players - if the end users need the QT plugin for the browser then it would make sense to go 'thick' for this too.

  • I think i got everything into place. I have the IExplorer shortcut on the desktop and it just works like charm. Just follow the whole recipe of Aaron and add a internet explorer short cut within the bubble yo are good.

    Normally we dont have browser on the desktop. But we made it available just for this app in the environment. Which truly sucks. But have to live with it.
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