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Hi Guys,
I have one aplicaiton called GlobalwareSecuritySolution. It was installed by "GlobalwareSecurity.exe" when I hit this executable it gives me the login ID and Passwd. It launches from some other locaiton.
I don't have the executable anymore. Its installed on the user machine. I have no clue what this application does. All my compnmay wants to uninstal the application on the desktop.
I remotely login to one of the user and i found the uninstall string "C:\gwsecur\UNWISE.EXE C:\gwsecur\INSTALL.LOG" I have to make it silent uninstall.
I run this comand "C:\gwsecur\UNWISE.EXE /S /Z C:\gwsecur\INSTALL.LOG" all its doing is deleting the INSTALL.LOG not the application.

Please let me know how to proceed.,
Thanks in advance..
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  • change the position of your quotes and try again like this: "C:\gwsecur\UNWISE.EXE" /S /Z C:\gwsecur\INSTALL.LOG

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Open Install.log and check it's contents. Does it have all the information about installed objects?
Answered 10/20/2009 by: abking99
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Its shows where the UNC path of the executable uninstall string and where it installs.
I need info about silent install for this applicaiton.
When i run this command through run ' "C:\gwsecur\UNWISE.EXE C:\gwsecur\INSTALL.LOG" it works find but it gives graphical interphase to remove, repair and modify radio button. If I hit remove it does remove. But how to to silently..

Answered 10/21/2009 by: bulbul
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You see the UI because you left off the 'silent' switch, viz. the '/S'.

Answered 10/21/2009 by: VBScab
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Have you tried "C:\gwsecur\UNWISE.EXE /S C:\gwsecur\INSTALL.LOG" , without the /Z ?
Answered 10/22/2009 by: package_aligator
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Have you tried "C:\gwsecur\UNWISE.EXE /S C:\gwsecur\INSTALL.LOG" , without the /Z ?As the link I posted says, the '/Z' switch controls the deletion of empty folders. Nothing to do with disabling the UI/suppressing dialog boxes.

This is going nowhere. Long and short? Create a new package which uninstalls the app. Job done.
Answered 10/22/2009 by: VBScab
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I can't create the new package bcoz I don't have any info about the application. All I have to do is uninstall the apps.
All I create is wise script to uninstall the apps.
These application has been sitting for the last 5 yrs noone is using it so my job is to remove all. I have no media nothing.

By the way I tried /z also but didn't work.

Answered 10/28/2009 by: bulbul
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A not so stable option would be to create a VBS script, run the uninstall command from there ("C:\gwsecur\UNWISE.EXE C:\gwsecur\INSTALL.LOG" ) , as you see it will run a full user interface uninstall. The trick is to use the SendKey() function in order to automate the button presing and what ever else will show up by sending keys to the dialogs.
An example:
set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
result=WshShell.AppActivate("InstallShield- Application name") ' Here is the name of the dialog window that appears.
if result="True" then
WshShell.SendKeys "MYWORD"
WshShell.SendKeys "R"
WshShell.SendKeys "^{Tab}"
WshShell.SendKeys "{Enter}"
End If

You can use AutoIT to do this if VBS is not familiar.
Answered 10/29/2009 by: package_aligator
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ORIGINAL: bulbul

By the way I tried  /z also but didn't work.

"C:\gwsecur\UNWISE.EXE  /S C:\gwsecur\INSTALL.LOG"

Package_Alligator asked you to try "C:\gwsecur\UNWISE.EXE /S C:\gwsecur\INSTALL.LOG" which means without Z....

or could it be a semicolon issue here... try the following

"C:\gwsecur\UNWISE.EXE" /S "C:\gwsecur\INSTALL.LOG" or merely "C:\gwsecur\UNWISE.EXE" /S

Sometimes gambling pays...."sometime"..and yes i understand VBSCAB mentioned about the /Z but no harm trying
Answered 10/29/2009 by: PackageExpert
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I can't create the new package bcoz I don't have any info about the application. Nonsense. An application comprises a bunch of files and registry entries. Just delete them.

Just about the only complication I can think of is maybe it puts files in SYSTEM32. That's easy enough to determine, by dropping its EXEs, DLLs and/or OCXs into Dependency Walker. That will list out any dependent files.
Answered 10/29/2009 by: VBScab
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change the position of your quotes and try again like this: "C:\gwsecur\UNWISE.EXE" /S /Z C:\gwsecur\INSTALL.LOG
Answered 06/26/2018 by: mparasram
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Are you running the command elevated?  You could also try "blah\unwise.exe" "blah\install.log" /S and see if that works, but make sure the command is run as administrator.
Also, the install.log file contains the complete list of all changes made to the system, both file and registry. It is plain text so you can work out exactly what file and registry entries need to be removed, and just create a vbscript to delete those files and registry entries.  You really don't need access to the source in any way to solve this.
Answered 07/02/2018 by: EdT
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