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I've packaged some MSI's and all of them worked fine while I was testing the installation with a batch file. Now someone else needs to deploy it in SCCM and is experiencing some problems with 1 of the packages. I'm asked to look into it, because he doesn't understand the error and believes it's in the package.

All the information I got was this error:

Unable to perform Windows Installer per-user elevation

I'd rather have had an error code or be able to see what exactly the guy deploying this is doing, but I can't right now. So my info is to the above error. When I google it (the exact phrase) I get only 1 result that's even worth looking into. And guess what. The website doesn't load....

So... Is anyone here familiar with this error? An accurate description of what could be causing this error?
All the help I can get on any information about this error would help me....

Thanks in advance!

R. Heuvel
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Try installing with ALLUSERS set to 2, either in a transform applied to the MSI or via the command line. SCCM *really* doesn't like per-user installs. Nor do most vendors, in terms of licensing, come to that!
Answered 11/04/2009 by: VBScab
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The weird thing is, when I intall it manually (with my own local admin account) ALLUSERS=1 works just fine. And per-machine is also the way I prefer it.

So is there any particular reason you're suggesting ALLUSERS=2?
If it would help I'd gladly do it, just curious and trying to understand why you're saying that.
Answered 11/04/2009 by: Rheuvel
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Did I *really* write '2'? I meant '1'! Sorry about that! LOL


With no ALLUSERS property and an admin-level installing account, WI defaults to a per-machine setting. If you want to avoid explicitly setting it, have your SCCM guy make sure that he has the SCCM Program's 'Environment' set to run with administrator's rights. That's probably the easiest route.
Answered 11/04/2009 by: VBScab
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I have already set ALLUSERS=1 in the MST file. I'll see if I can check his SCCM configuration today.... Hopefully I'm able to find something in there.
Answered 11/05/2009 by: Rheuvel
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Windows 7: Set the ALLUSERS property to 2 to use the MSIINSTALLPERUSER property to specify the installation context. Set the MSIINSTALLPERUSER property to an empty string ("") for a per-machine installation. Set the MSIINSTALLPERUSER property to 1 for a per-user installation. If the package has been written following the development guidelines described in Single Package Authoring, users having user access can install into the per-user context without having to provide UAC credentials. If the user has user access privileges, the installer performs a per-machine installation only if Admin credentials are provided to the UAC dialog box. So, if SCCM tries to install a program in the per user context with admin rights, it uses the local system account and does not have access to user profiles.
Answered 03/24/2012 by: pmarshbu
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