I know this may be a silly question, but what can anyone tell me about swap space?  I notice that the swap space on my machine is slowly rising, and never really goes down.  I have a virtual and went from 64GB of RAM on physical to 16GB of RAM on virtual.  

I am sure that it is not anything abnormal, but I have been watching everything since my switch over a month ago or so.
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  • The swap space will vary depending on what your system is doing. When you see the swap space rising, do you notice if your system is doing more inventorying, scripting, etc?
  • It usually rises when backup happens. That is normally when there is a large spike in memory usage. The usage goes down, but the swap stays the same or grows larger.
    • What version of the K1 are you on?
      • 6.4.120756
      • That may be something we'll have to investigate to see what's going on. We can take a look at top and check to see what the appliance logs are showing. You may want to create a ticket with support and have us look at the logs and top. We can try to look at it here also if you want.
  • Is there any way that I could give you a support number and have you look at it? I have been having no luck with support lately.
    • Sure, what's the support number?
      • I see your new ticket that you submitted. We'll check this out.
  • I am wondering about why it says I have trial support. That one is new.
    • The ticket came in as K1000 Asset Management. It needed to come in as K1000 Systems Management. I fixed that for you. Your support entitlement is valid.
  • The support person said that it is perfectly normal. The performance has been perfectly fine.

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