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Hi All

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I have a question regarding OSD scripting, I have a script in my OSD that calls a .exe that I created that sits on a file share and initiates a file copy of paticular files into the virtual bubble, this .exe will always copy files down so if an update is required its done on the central file and the user just closes and re launches there app to get the new version. No problem, works like a charm.

However when I disconnect from the network the app wont launch as it cannot find the .exe anymore. What I want is if the user is not connected to the network or if they are on VPN with no mapped drives the app will still launch and just use the old version of the file untill the user is connected to the network again. Is this going to be possible?

My OSD currently looks like:

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I'd suggest just having an 'if exists' statement at the start of the script - that way if the client can't 'find' that file (ie it's off the network) then it can skip the copy, and if it does find it then it can copy the file down..

You may need to either write this as a SCRIPTBODY script, or include the above in a script outside of the OSD (include it in the package) which you call from the HREF..
Answered 09/24/2009 by: DannyC
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Hi DannyC

Thanks for your quick reply, I used the If Not Exist "myfolder" Copy statement in the Scriptbody section to copy the files down, but then it gave the black CMD Prompt boxes which is what we dont want our users to see, hence why I wrote the VBScript as its can supress the boxes so the user sees nothing.

Unless I can use an If not Exist to run the exe on the file share? Can that be done, and if so what would the syntax be?
Answered 09/24/2009 by: earthworm jim
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