SMA Auto Refresh Broken...

Current Version: 12.0.150 using Microsoft Edge

Today I walked away from my desk for 20mins and upon my return the Service Desk was all askew

Each refresh will add another sort arrow to the Number field, please see pics below

I'd usually have the Auto Refresh set to 30 Seconds

  • Auto Refresh turned Off


  • Auto Refresh turned On


Has anyone experienced this before, not a big deal just really annoying...


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Answer Summary:
Chromium based browsers (Chrome, Edge etc) add an extra carret every time the page is refreshed. For version 12.1.168 there is a hotfix avaiable. Update your appliance to 12.1.168 (if not yet done) open a tether and create a case with KACE support. It will be applied then.
Posted by: Nico_K 1 year ago
Red Belt

what Browser do you use under which OS?
I seen this today with 12.1 under W10 with the current Chrome ( 105.0.5195.54). Not seen with Firefox or Chrome under Linux
PLease open a case with support.

  • Brower: Microsoft Edge Version 105.0.1343.27 (Official build) (64-bit)
    OS: Win 10 Ent 20H2

    Will do, thank you Nico_K - Rondarb 1 year ago
    • I checked it a bit and it is affecting some other fields in other locations, If you use a field for sorting and having an Auto Refresh enabled, it seems to be in any field of the appliance. Since this started recently it might be a browser issue. But support will analyze this. Please give also the case nr if avaiable ;) Thanks - Nico_K 1 year ago
Posted by: KevinG 1 year ago
Red Belt

If you are running the latest version of the SMA 12.1.168. You can open a support ticket to have a hotfix applied to resolve this issue.

  • Can you please confirm the hotfix id? Support said there was no fix when I raised a support ticket. - paulfaz 1 year ago
    • it was released on wednesday. So it is possible you got the answer BEFORE the "offical" release (which was ca 1800 CET) - Nico_K 1 year ago
      • Do you have a reference number for the hotfix? I have contacted support again today and been told there is no hotfix planned for the current version of the appliance. - paulfaz 1 year ago
    • K1-33103; can you please give your case Nr. so we can check - Nico_K 1 year ago
      • It is case number 01848278. Thanks Nico. - paulfaz 1 year ago
      • I checked it, please open a tether and enter the case number in it. (plus the K1-33103 number)
        then update the case. I made the engineer aware of the hotfix he was not (yet) aware of this, which can happen sometimes. Sorry for that. - Nico_K 1 year ago
  • Thanks, Nico. I have activated my tether and updated the engineer. - paulfaz 1 year ago
    • Hotfix k1-33103 installed and all good again. Thanks. - paulfaz 1 year ago
Posted by: rherrera@firstcitycu.org 1 year ago
Senior White Belt

We started experiencing this issue with both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge over a week ago after a recent chromium update. I opened a chat session with Quest support and they opened a ticket on my behalf.  We opened up a tether connection on our SMA and they're currently applying the hotfix. From the time I opened the ticket, they called me back within 5 minutes. Super quick of them.

  • I am happy to hear that.
    You can do me a favour: if the case is closed and you are invited to give customer feedback use this opportunity to answer these 4 short questions because this will help the engineer who did a great job here. - Nico_K 1 year ago
Posted by: horacior 1 year ago
Second Degree Brown Belt

Seems like the problem is now resolved.

Chrome released Version 105.0.5195.125 and the auto-refresh doesn't create extra characters on the width of the fields.

Posted by: KevinG 1 year ago
Red Belt

This issue of adding an extra ^ (caret) on the selected sort column was first noticed when Chrome released Version 105.0.5195.52 (Official Build) (x86_64). 

The issue is currently under investigation. Not all Browsers at this time display this behavior.

Posted by: Mashby1 1 year ago
Purple Belt

It also happens if you manually click to sort by that column. Super annoying. The column width does not always auto fix itself either after the carets are gone. Happens also on the user's portal for their support tickets (we use tons of queues for different departments outside of IT that rely on the portal and auto refresh to see when new tickets come in through the day) - which means I am starting to see complaints from my end users. I have submitted a ticket for it to quest and hopefully they will fix it soon! 

  • Quest has said to me:

    The issue reported in case (XXXXXXX) has been identified as a defect K1-33103. and raised with our Product team. The defect will be evaluated by our Product team for inclusion in a future release of KACE Systems Management Appliance. We will now be closing your Service Request.

    This is observed to only impact Google Chrome browsers, as a workaround, I suggest resetting the view or using a different browser.

    We continually evaluate all customer-reported defects in an ongoing effort to improve KACE Systems Management Appliance, and we urge you to refer to the “Resolved Issues” and “New Features” sections of the Product Release Notes for a complete list of change request ID’s addressed in our new releases. These are available in our Documentation section of the Support Portal at https://support.quest.com/release-notes-product-select

    For more information on our Product Enhancements and Defects policy, see details published in our Global Support Guide available on the Support Portal - Mashby1 1 year ago
    • this is now outdated. The defect is correct, but now there is the hotfix avaiable for supprt (so yu can reopen it and ask for it again) - Nico_K 1 year ago
Posted by: paulfaz 1 year ago
Senior Yellow Belt

I have seen this issue also with Edge 105.0.1343.27. I will also submit a ticket with support.

Posted by: nwareing 1 year ago
White Belt

Just throwing my two cents into this ring. We have seen this also with two different technicians. One currently on Edge version 105.0.1343.27 and one on Chrome version 105.0.5195.102.

Turn Auto Refresh off - then hit the circle button and you can force it happening.

h9p7wpUgPft6wAAAABJRU5ErkJggg== >>>> A92n2bXgEv0gQAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==

Posted by: paulfaz 1 year ago
Senior Yellow Belt

According to support:

- Effectively the problem is known with EDGE recent version and Chrome version 105, it is not with Firefox or chrome in version 104 so lower than 105

- We do not have a fix for the moment. This will be corrected in a future version of the appliance.

The workaround is to use Firefox or a version of chrome lower than version 105 and otherwise use the manual refresh via the F5 key on the keyboard.

UPDATE: Hotfix fixed the issue. Contact support for them to install it.
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