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I'm trying to remove all versions of Java using a VBScript I've written.
I'm seeing an issue sometimes where
 msiexec /X {GUID} /silent /norestart 
is just sitting there and not progressing.  I've seen it with v1.8 Update 74 for example.

The cause is that MsiExec.exe is launching Javaws.exe which is launching JP2Launcher.exe.
If I kill the latter process, the uninstall continues.

At the moment I'm using an asynchronous WMI notification query to kill this process if it is started.
Has anyone else seen this phenomenon and know the underlying cause?  Thanks!
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  • try changing /silent to /qb and watch the uninstall. If it works then try using /qn (Silent)
  • I've also seen it do it just using Programs & Features to uninstall it normally!
  • I am doing my silent uninstalls using powershell and do not have the same problem.

    Make sure to kill any java related process before you start the uninstall.
    iexplore, MicrosoftEdge, Firefox, jusched, java, javaws, jp2launcher, jqs, etc..
  • None of those are running at the time. Have a look at this example screenshot of the issue:

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