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Hello, I trying to install RWD InfoPak in silent mode, and this fails to install, with this log:

**************** 12/22/2009 12:02:37 ****************
RWD Info Pak 5.70 setup.exe was run with the following command line parameters: /S /M= D:\DEV\APPS\RWD_INFOPAKV5.8\SOURCE\SETUP.INI
from location D:\DEV\APPS\RWD_InfopakV5.8\Source by aceadmin.
WARNING! The following setup.ini variables contain values with invalid formatting:
*** Silent Installation terminated due to setup.ini errors. ***

I put the next lines in the setup.ini file:


I don't understand where is the problem, can you help me?

Thanks in advanced.
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can you run and check the command line is working or not through cmd.exe?
if command line work fine, may be somthing problem in setup.ini or in squence of PRODUCTID.
Answered 12/22/2009 by: dannyarya
Purple Belt

As those INI entries are in all upper-case, I strongly suspect that the stub utlimately extracts and executes an MSI. I'd run the set-up stub normally and, when you see the first screen, normally a 'Welcome' dialog, search your ROOTDRIVE drive for a new MSI. These normally get extracted to the %TEMP% folder but some vendors have taken to using folders beneath %APPDATA%. If you find an MSI, copy it to a safe place, renaming it to something sensible along the way. Then you can either create a transform or set the relevant properties via the command line when calling MSIExec.
Answered 12/23/2009 by: VBScab
Red Belt

I check the PRODUCTID, it work fine in the product, if I install manually. I use this in uppercase and hypens, and no spaces between characters.
Answered 12/23/2009 by: caporal
Senior Yellow Belt

I check if the installer put an .msi in %APPDATA% or %TEMP%, but this not put any package in this locations, I try to find in the hard disk, but no msi package have in a disk. The manual installation works fine, the problem is when I try to install unattended via setup.ini
Answered 12/23/2009 by: caporal
Senior Yellow Belt

I got it working with:

/S /M=setup.ini as the command line switches

Inside our setup.ini...

MAINDIR=C:\Program Files\InfoPak

You may want to check for stray spaces, carriage returns, etc that might be throwing it off.
Answered 12/23/2009 by: icbrkr
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repackaged infopak a while back and created an msi which was sucessfully deployed via sms 2003

a snapshot and it was straight forward
Answered 12/23/2009 by: cygan
Fifth Degree Brown Belt

Thanks, it works fine. And now I have other question, about uninstall.
The command line for uninstall is chkapp.exe -Suite, but it display an user interface, I search in internet about this, but not find any solution. Can you help me?
Thanks in advance.
Answered 01/04/2010 by: caporal
Senior Yellow Belt

Underneath the wrapper is an MSI so you can find your product's GUID and run MSIEXEC against it.

msiexec.exe /qn /x{64F3B15C-24C7-4B2B-9B72-65CCBBD7F06B} /lie %WIN%\Packagelogs\%LOGFOLDER%\Uninstall.log /norestart for the version of InfoPak that I did (5.80)..
Answered 01/07/2010 by: icbrkr
Senior Yellow Belt

Hello, I need your help.
I'm making a package with the FireFox 3.5.5, and managed to silence, and do not appear on IE migration wizard, and check that no updates, not to be the default browser. But, I need to import data from IE to Firefox, without user intervention, for which I need a command line, you can not find on the Internet.
Someone can help me? With either command line or a script, I did capture with InstallShiled.

Thank you.
Answered 01/13/2010 by: caporal
Senior Yellow Belt

"C:\Program Files\InfoPak\unwise.exe" /a /s "C:\Program Files\InfoPak\install.log"

Silent uninstall
Answered 10/31/2011 by: pack$$
Yellow Belt