I have a client exe and USB driver exe that needs to appv d . The client installs fine on sequencing, but the USB driver rolls back. I did a manual install on the same machine the driver installs fine.

Any idea

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Have you been here?
Answered 06/08/2016 by: VBScab
Red Belt

  • This link is for APP V 5. We use 4.6. I don't think I can use it here. Is there any other way I can install . I cant do a silent install a well as it need user intervention. Any Idea
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you wont be able to app-v the driver, in any version.

you can run scripts in app-v v5.x to carry out the silent install of the machine driver, you are a bit stuck with 4.6.

enter software deployment tool... but you will have to crack the silent install part first.

Answered 06/12/2016 by: Badger
Red Belt

  • True, I extracted the certificates, I can install silently. But now the problem is, I need to install this on Win 7 and win 8. the certificates that I get for 7 and 8 are different. Just stuck on how to proceed with this.
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