I need to include a progress bar and an final dialog that says "blahblah has been installed on your system."

Using WPS, how would one accomplish that?
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HI Repackman,
If you want to display just a message, just include this VB Script in your package ok.

Option Explicit
On Error Resume Next
' Create Shell Object
Dim objShell : set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
' Create Message box Message
Dim strMessage : strMessage = "DISPLAY THIS HELLO WORLD"
strMessage = strMessage & VbCrLf & "Pricing and Sign Off Tool?"
' Number of seconds in the delay
Dim intWaitSeconds : intWaitSeconds = 10
' Mesage Box Title
Dim strTitle : strTitle = "Pricing and Sign Off Tool"
' Display Message Box PopUp for delay period and capture return value.
Dim Return : Return = objShell.Popup(strMessage, intWaitSeconds,strTitle,vbokonly)
' Execute code based on the PopUp Returned value.
If Return = 6 Then
'Place no reboot action code here.
'Place reboot action code here.
End If
' ************end code*************
Answered 05/13/2010 by: ekniranjan
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Don't bother the script just run your msi with /qb+ switch
Answered 05/13/2010 by: stabish
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/qb or not /qb. That is the question.
Answered 05/13/2010 by: Estes
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You're actually in kind of a tough place. As far as I know, there is no way to present a progress bar AND a dialog box at the end with just an msiexec command line without also allowing the user to cancel the installation. /passive is what I typically use, which present a progress bar, but does not present a dialog box. /qb+ will give you a progress bar and a dialog box at the end, but allows users to cancel out of the installation.

Your best bet for having both, in my opinion, is to just wrap it in a simple script, use /passive for the command line, and then echo some simple dialog once it's complete.
Answered 05/13/2010 by: Jsaylor
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Thanks so much for your reply guys...These things didn't work for me...:(
Answered 05/14/2010 by: Repackman
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Let's start with a more basic question. What kind of file are you trying to install, an MSI or an EXE?
Answered 05/14/2010 by: Jsaylor
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