Hello, having an issue with Flash Professional not installing as part of Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition v2.1   It is Adobe Design Premium CS 5.5. Every other part of the package is installing. I am somewhat of a noob at this and can attach the PDApp log, I just need to know if you would need the whole log or if I need to only look for a certain entry.

I am not installing every piece of the suite, but Flash Professional  is the only piece not installing. It does install fine if I run the executable from the dvd so I know that isn't corrupt.


I then tried to make just a package for Flash Professional, but am having trouble with something in my msi exec command file...but that is for another day :-)

I would be very appreciative of any help anyone could provide me as I am spinning my wheels on why just the one piece won't install. I have made 3 packages so far with the same result. Thanks


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