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I've got a VMWare Orchestrator consultant working with me and we have everything automated for decommissioning servers EXCEPT for removing a server from our KBox 1200 inventory. In looking at the 8.1 Rest API page, we are unable to find anything related to deleting a server object out of the Inventory. Is there really no way to delete a server from inventory or does anyone know of a workaround so that our automation process runs smoothly without having to manually delete objects?
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  • you can use the MIA settings. For instance you set it to 30 day so all machines which don't check in for 30 days are archived or deleted
  • There is no API to delete the records. MIA settings would be recommended way.
  • Thanks. I guess that's the best way to go now; not the preferred way for us to do it but better than nothing.

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