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MySQL command line for access database K1000 with SSL

08/06/2017 1275 views
I create SSL use Digicert and I have activated Enable database access and Enable Secure database access (SSL) in K1000. I have create MySQL command line in Windows cmd to access database K1000.

1. If i run command line mysql -N -u R12 -pXXXXXX -h XXXXXXXXX.XXX -e "SQL query" ORG12 I succed connect to database kace and get result what i want.
2. After enable Enable Secure database access (SSL) in K1000 i get ca certificate and i save in ca.pem. If run command line mysql --ssl-ca="ca.pem" -N -u R12 -pXXXXXX -h XXXXXXXXX.XXX -e "SQL query" ORG12 I get result Error 2026 (HY000): SSL connection error. How to connect to database kace with SSL?

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