I have developed an .msi with user giving certain values using the dialogs. My manager asked me they wanted the same app to rerun multiple times on the same machine. I sorted out using multiple instances..Here comes the issue, There is a user input which should be unique for each instance.. How to let the user know to input a unique value if he re-entered a value which resembles to a previous instance... If  i store the value in a property say HC_VALUE1, Can i  retrieve during second instance and how should i give the condition...Plz help me out.. M still a learner in Installshield.....

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  • Right, after removing every tag under the sun :P
    You need to provide some more info, what are you trying to do (software wise). I dont think what your trying to achieve is possible with installshield, and its not recommended either.
    • I am creating multiple instance of an installer. Reference : . My issue is when i create such an installer i want the end users to give a unique value for one of the edit box. For eg. USERNAME: ABC given during 1st install 1st instance. For 2nd instance of the same installer if the end user gives USERNAME:ABC it should through an error USERNAME should be unique.... Is it possible through installshield?
    • Reference: http://helpnet.installshield.com/installshield16helplib/MultipleInst-Add.htm
  • if it's a "per user " install , creating a CA that will run during repair of new profile .. could do the trick.... maybe.. but I am unsure if I understand the question correctly.. ;-)
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