KBE Manipulator

KBE Manipulator

**This tool is being deprecated, starting with version 7.0, the SDA Media Manager now has all the same functionality as KBEM.  The link has been removed and this page will be archived.

KBE Manipulator lets you do, just what it says, manipulate your KBE.

Summary: This tool can be used to build custom Kace Boot Environments based on WinPE 3/4/5/10.

Applies to:
Kace K2000 imaging environments with no DHCP solution
Kace K2000 imaging environments where DHCP cannot be configured to work with Kace 2000 Deployment Center
Building in ADSI or ODBC drivers to the KBE
Using Dell Client Customization Tool Kit (DCCTK) or Command | Configure to customize Dell hardware
Adding .net or powershell to KBE
Adding portable apps to KBE
Add custom DOS commands to startnet.cmd
Uploading custom .WIM or .ISO boot environments to Kace K2000.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/8.1/10, x86 or x64 architecture
Windows AIK for Windows 7 must be installed  for WinPE 3
Windows ADK 8.0 for WinPE 4
Windows ADK 8.1 for WinPE 5
Windows ADK 10 for WinPE 10

K2000 Media Manager version 3.6 or higher must be installed
Kace K2000 Deployment Appliance Version 3.6 or higher
Dell CCTK or Command | Configure must be installed if using that option.

If running version 3.7.0.x, just run the application instead and it will tell you there is an update to download.

*Make sure when saving this file from IE that it includes the .exe extension, if not just add it.

Video Tutorial: KBE Manipulator Training Video [Note that these videos show a version earlier than]

Back to the K2000 Deployment Workbench Page. [08/14/2017]
-Added commanline switches to dhcptest to timeout after 3 tries. [08/02/2017]
-Rebranded to Quest (ESMCS-326)
-Added remove_drives script to remove drive letters from KBE that are not relevant (like empty card slots). (ESMCS-337)
-fixed an issue where the wrong IP was reported in the Summary if the K2 IP was changed after selecting a static KBE (ESMCS-347)
-Allow Media Manager and ADK paths to be saved as preferences (ESMCS-349)
-Update registry settings to Quest (ESMCS-333)
-Add dhcptest to kbem as a backup if kgetdhcp doesn't get the information (ESMCS-327)
-Allow for TimeZone to be set for KBE and sync the time to the k2 (ESMCS-346)
-make driver_feed_advisor recognize 4.1sp1 datafile (ESMCS-345)
-If ip address is changed after static ip address is configured, new ip address is not set (ESMCS-347)
-Change Background option does not show in summary (ESMCS-336)
-Reword Driver Feed Advisor option in settings (ESMCS-341)
-Update KBEM documentation with new screenshots and rebrand (ESMCS-330)
-Account for scenario where user has to rerun startnet.cmd by attempting to map 3x (ESMCS-353) [07/22/16]
-fixed an issue where a first run of kbem or a change of k2 ip address would not record correct IP for static k2 kbe's (ESMCS-269) [07/13/16]
-fixed an issue where .net was not getting injected with PE 10 (ESMCS-260)
-fixed an issue where powershell was not getting injected with PE 10 (ESMCS-260) [05/13/16]

-fixed an issue where kbem was still forgetting the commandline parameters in startnet.cmd. (ESMCS-248)
-fixed an issue in Driver Feed Advisor in which if it could not download drvstr.cfg it would give incorrect path (ESMCS-249)
-fixed an issue where the custom dos command was on the same line as the driverfeed advisor text. (ESMCS-245)
-moved the update installer location to avoid third party host (ESMCS-250)
-fixed an issue where drivers were not injected if peinst was already mounted (ESMCS-251) [02/03/16]
-fixed as issue where selecting to upload a pre-made 64bit .wim would register as 32bit on the K2000. (ESMCS-84)
-fixed an issue with 64bit CCTK and CommandConfigure calling drivers from the wrong directory. (ESMCS-85)
-fixed an issue in which if a machine could not access the WAN to check for updates, KBEM wouldn't run. (ESMCS-179)
-fixed Windows 10 from not properly reading KBEM settings in registry. (ESMCS-181)
-fixed issue where if peinst was already mapped it wasn't being detected. (ESMCS-180)
-fixed issue with device static IP scenarios and RSA static not reporting correct IP. (ESMCS-182)
-fixed issue where enhanced storage was not selectable in PE10 and added PE10 conditions to powershell and .net (ESMCS-183) [08/19/15]
-fixed an issue where device ip dialog wouldn't save options.
-added device ip information to be remembered if saved and then user returns to dialog (not between sessions)
-changed kbe_advisor to save information to a new file and not overwrite kbe_info. [07/21/15]
-fixed issue where x64 KBE was not being built if Summary screen was used. [06/13/15]
-removed some deprecated functions; Media Manager, BuildPE.bat
-cleaned up variables
-changed all references of workstation to device (matches K1000 and K2000).
-automatically checks for active internet connection, and quits if not.
-pings the K2000 server to make sure it is reachable, if not option to quit, try again or continue anyway.
-moved server and device IP settings to the Edit menu
-added support for ADK 10
-added ability to use custom background
-added ability to show a summary screen prior to building the KBE to review the options chosen.
-moved DHCP and device settings to customize menu.
-moved custom DOS command to Edit menu
-allowed saving of custom DOS commands between sessions **Warning, commands are saved in plain text. [04/05/15]
-updated startnet.ini file to correlate with current K2000 file
-removed addition call to get %KBOX_IP%
-resolved issue of not being able to cancel browse button for portable apps as reported on http://www.itninja.com/question/kbe-manipulator-bug
-added enhancement to have browse button disabled when portable apps was not checked.
-moved portable apps to x:\Applications as some would not run from program files.
-revamped check_updates.au3 include file for next release where the changes in this file will be shown per version. [03/06/15]
-resolved an issue where UEFI VM iso was not being created
-resolved an issue where a custom .wim was not being used for the kbe. [02/12/15]
-resolved an issue with Command Configure not being copied to 64bit KBE (thanks Suzanne Emberton) [02/04/15]
-fixed an issue with uploading 64bit kbe from 32bit workstation [01/21/15]
-fixed issue with choosing custom .iso
-fixed issue with choosing custom .wim [01/09/15]
-added labels to the the progress gui
-added kbe_info data to the top of the driver reports so that it can be seen in the UI
-added WinPE-DismCmdlets when adding Powershell
-added WinPE-SecureBootCmdlets when adding Powershell
-added WinPE-StorageWMI when adding Powershell
-updated kbe_advisor to version to include:
-added kgetdhcp 67 to kbe_advisor
-added if server was K2000 or RSA [01/07/15]
-Requires 3.6 Media Manager or higher.
-Added support for 3.7 Media Manager.
-KBEM will now write settings to the registry, unless run as a portable app, in which it would use the k2_prefs.ini file.
-Check for updates is now included in the main application and will be checked prior to the showing of the main GUI.
-Default KBE name is now customized with the current date and architecture chosen, this name can be modified.
-Added support for Command Configure (DCCTK replacement).
-Moved most options into menu items instead of buttons.
-Choose to upload a custom .wim or .iso from the GUI File menu.
-“Add features” is now under the main GUI Edit menu.
-Features chosen will be saved from one session to another.
-Added the ability to inject a folder of portable applications.
-Added the ability to not launch ultravnc.
-Added the ability to not run deploy.hta (this could allow users to launch something automatically without the deployment screen).
-Added ability to include .Net in KBE for WinPE4 and WinPE5.
-Added ability to include Powershell in KBE (requires .net) for WinPE4 and WinPE5.
-Added ability to include EnhancedStorage for WinPE4 and WinPE5.
-Ability to add multiple lines of code for injection into startnet, instead of one line at a time.
-Startnet.cmd now echos that the KBE was built with KBE Manipulator along with version, date and time.
-A log file including KBEM version, Media Manager version, features chosen, and other helpful information is now injected into the KBE and can be found at x:\windows\temp\kbe_info.txt in the kbe.
-Added a kbe_info.exe in system32, so if user opens Recovery | Command Prompt and types ‘kbe_info’ it will open the file at x:\windows\temp\kbe_info.txt.
-A log file is stored on the workstation at %temp%\kbem.log
-Added the ability to build a specific UEFI VM .iso file as an option.
-added checks where as if preferences previously saved can no longer be used, or directories are missing the options are changed.
-A valid WAIK/ADK directory must be chosen; \Windows AIK, \Windows Kits\8.0 or \Windows Kits\8.1
-Added version of kbe_advisor which includes kbe_info.txt and other information relevant to that KBE session, such as ipconfig, pinging appliance, net use, tracert, 3rd party driver report, etc.  Open Recovery | Command Prompt and type ‘kbe_advisor’  Add /log to copy the file to petemp.  If you added cctk or Command | Configure then add /bios for a full report on the bios settings of that workstation.
**Special thanks to Steve Mal for all your testing!! [12/01/14]
-modified build_winpe4.bat to add the correct version of imagex.exe [11/17/14]
-changed static ipaddress to be "Ethernet" for ADK 8/8.1
-changed build process back to original, and added as an option in 3.7 kbem. [10/08/14]
-resolved issue with 3.7 Media Manager. [10/01/14]
-changed the closing of the iso to different commands so that downloaded iso could boot to UEFI VMs. [09/05/14]
-fixed an issue with the fallback IP address not being set in the startnet.cmd file [01/15/14]
-added support for 3.6
-added support for winpe 5
-added support to choose between multiple winpe versions if they exist
-fixed winpe3 issue of almost empty startnet.cmd file
-fixed issue with DCCTK and winpe4/5 [09/??/2013] Planned
-change gui interaction so that user add features and then returns to the original ui [09/03/2013]

-support for 3.5 SP1 and winpe4. Note, to use winpe 4 with KBE Manipulator you must not have WAIK installed. [03/28/2013]
-resolved issue with MM 3.5 where password field name was changed. [02/07/2013]
-fixed issue with scratch space size if it wasn't select under the "add features" menu [01/28/2013]

-Changed name of tabs to Server IP and Workstation IP now that there was more room from GUI changes
-made the DCCTK checkbox, visable, but disabled unless installed
-Add version number of add to “About” menu [01/27/2013]
-resolved bug where using tabs to add features wouldn't work properly
-Changed GUI to where additional features are accessed via "Add Features" button [10/10/2012]
-made kbem look for 3.4 Media Manager Path [05/18/2012]
-problem with 64 japanese install, as the wrong $arch variable was used. [05/17/2012]
-resolved issue with 64bit KBEs trying to load CCTK, Dell uses x86_64 as a path (don't ask me why).
-changed 64bit CCTK destination to be x:\CCTK\AMD64. In this way cctk preinstall tasks can use %processor_architecture%* [05/09/2012]
-resolved issue where symbol in password,  AutoIT was ìprocessingî symbol [04/19/2012]
-changed static ip address assignment to be direct variable assignment instead of reading it back in from file
-added md "x:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\desktop" in case Cubic Explorer was used as portable app
-disabled the Japanese support for now, still testing [04/15/2012]
-added new path for media manager \Program Files\Dell\Media Manager (starting 3.4L10N)
-added the ability to modify scratch space on kbe
-no public release [04/01/2012]
-Included Japanese language font and Japanese Packages
-no public release

version [02/14/2012] - 1st public release

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  • Will this be updated to use the Windows ADK? - nheyne 10 years ago
  • HEY GUYS! Quest you busted it with 4.0! How can I upload .ISO files now? :( - DirtySoc 6 years ago
    • The SDA 4.1 update did change the boot process from iso to wimboot. However, we are seeing some issues around that as well. There is an enhancement in our log to allow KBEs to boot to iso or wim for legacy machines, but can't promise when that will make it. For now the .iso option is gone from KBEM because of this change.
      -Corey - cserrins 6 years ago
  • KBEM does not fully creates a KBE. It keeps dropping me to a cmd prompt with wpeint.
    I look at the startnet.cmd and it only includes wpeint. It does not include none of mine custom configs using KBE Mainpulator.
    I am running latest version, what could I be doing wrong.
    I also sent you screenshot via email. - jgarcia29 6 years ago
    • Usually this is due to a kbe being created on a workstation that has AV software, is on a domain or some other security issue. It is recommended to create a kbe on a plain vanilla vm that is not on a domain and has no security/AV software installed. I never have an issue when following this rule. - cserrins 6 years ago
  • I got this to boot with the custom options.
    What I am noticing is that it getting stuck at Running KBE advisor Progress bar. This is during the run of startnet.cmd section "Running KBE Advisor". I created a plain vanilla VM none domain joined,with no AV software. - jgarcia29 6 years ago
  • Hey it seems to not finish at all, as it stuck in kbe advisor. I created over 30 or more kbe today with no luck. The system is just a vanilla VM. - jgarcia29 6 years ago
  • I am still getting a dell 3420 stuck at the Running KBe Advisor during windows pe pxe booting. Anyone else seen this? - jgarcia29 6 years ago
  • KBE Advisor was running a new test in version 4.0, which seemed to "hang" for some people, the command was altered to timeout after 3 tries in version - cserrins 6 years ago
  • FYI, the documentation still has the Dell branding. Downloaded today (12/8/2017). - chucksteel 6 years ago
    • Can you please email me at the address in my profile to discuss this further? What version # shows at the top of the documentation? The documentation was updated and should not have any Dell branding. I'm wondering if old documentation was left behind from an older install.
      Thanks. - cserrins 6 years ago
      • Sorry, I was looking at the PDF for the Default Deploy tool. The KBE Manipulator is good. - chucksteel 6 years ago
  • Download link has changed:
    https://support.quest.com/download-install-detail/6088246 - Techman D 5 years ago
    • Link is updated on main page, thank you. - cserrins 5 years ago
  • Should we post suggestions for this to the K2000 UserVoice, or offer them up here? I've already posted one to UserVoice, namely to have more of the "WinPE_OCs" modules available to add via the options screen, like the ones required for BitLocker preprovisioning. - BHC-Austin 5 years ago
    • Either is fine. Which other WinPE_OCs are you looking to have added? - cserrins 5 years ago
  • Just for 100% confirmation...

    This tool, KBEM, does not allow one to upload *any* bootable .ISO (such as an Ubuntu Live .ISO), but only Windows-based boot systems?


    Is there any way to get the K2 to netboot an Ubuntu (Debian, actually) system (so I can load the main root system over a read-only NFS mount, for diskless kiosk type use)? Yes, I know the SDA is supposed to be designed for *deployment* of images, but since I can only have one tftp server per (Virtual)LAN, I was hoping to be able to pry the SDA into a more general PXE-based netbooter for other than Windows deployment. I think I'm beginning to believe the K2 simply won't work for me in this way.

    Thanks! - kentwest 5 years ago

Answers (18)

Posted by: petrybosch 12 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt
Posted by: HQgeN 8 years ago
Senior White Belt
- added ability to use custom background

What size should the background picture be? and what file format - gif, jpg, png?
Posted by: petrybosch 12 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt
link aint working :(
When will it be back online ?
Posted by: petrybosch 12 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt
lol, we will wait :)
Posted by: petrybosch 12 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt
link is working... :) thank you
Posted by: bobbinson 12 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt
KBE Manipulator.

How do you integrate CCTK options into the KBE?
I have CCTK installed and WAIK.
All the Manipulator seems after ticking the options is create the KBE but gave no options for what I wanted from the CCTK.
Also I was led that the Manipulator would also allow change to the KBE background. I.E corporate background etc.
Posted by: dchristian 12 years ago
Red Belt
Great job, as always sir!
Posted by: horacior 12 years ago
Second Degree Brown Belt
Good Job!
i was able to upload ERD 6.5v, it was easy as 1..2..3...

Thanks for the link and directions.
Posted by: mdboyd 9 years ago
White Belt
Hey Corey, 

When manipulating a KBE generated with the latest version of the Windows ADK, setting a static IP address fails because the netsh command references "Local Area Connection" but this has been changed to "Ethernet" in Windows 8. Manually mounting the boot.wim and editing startnet.cmd resolves this. Is this a bug?


  • Can you please email me to the address in my profile so I can send you a build that should resolve this issue?
    Corey - cserrins 9 years ago
    • Corey,
      Will there be a version that is compatible with 64bit Win 7 OS's? I get an unsupported 16-bit app error that suggests checking with you for a 64bit version of the app. - murbot 9 years ago
      • Please try and let me know the results.
        Corey - cserrins 9 years ago
      • Will there be a 64bit version?

        I'm trying to install the version advertised on the front page of our K2000. It prompts to download which I did. But then fails to install on my 64bit OS's.

        I got one of the 3.6 versions to install with some help from SMal, but when trying to install 3.7, I get the same error as before. "The program [can't start due to incompatibility with 64-bit versions of Windows. Please contact the vendor]".

        Thanks for any suggestions. - murbot 9 years ago
      • The installer is 32bit, but it detects the architecture of the OS you are running and installs the appropriate version. I haven't had any other reports of this issue and installs fine for me on my 64bit Windows 7. What OS are you running? Did it UAC prompt you to run as administrator? Have you tried installing in portable mode? Also, the official download page lags behind for a few days when a new version is posted, but everything should now be synced as of this date to - cserrins 9 years ago
Posted by: dude 12 years ago
Yellow Belt
Here here!

KBE Manipulator is pretty sweet. Quick and easy to use. Will be nice not to have to grab discs every time we need to boot to a diag cd. Nicely done Corey!
Posted by: AJStevens 7 years ago
Senior Purple Belt
Hi Corey,

In the past as the KBEM was building, I would manipulate the scripts to make my own customisations, these no longer appear to be working and struggling here.

First I need to copy a new folder of files to be located under C:\Windows\ for our remote tool of choice over VNC, then I customise the WinPE International settings (Usr and Sys Locale, Keyboard) to be UK (en-GB) with the UK Time zone and I amend the startnet.bat file to sync the time to the KBOX and display date, time and network information as the last commands before it loads the HTA file, this means users should see these details briefly (a PING to cause a slight delay) and can always ALT+TAB back to it if necessary.

However, it seems my folder is no longer being copied to C:\Windows\ in the mount, and my international settings are not applying, even when inserting after Set-AllIntl command in the build_winpe.bat file.
I've therefore been trying to run my own scripts in the background to attempt to insert these DISM commands while the KBEM is running, but only one DISM command can run at a time, my efforts seem to often end with the KBE uploading an ISO made from a wim file still mounted and incomplete.

Last time using KBE Manipulator was in Jan 2014 and it was fine, are you no longer running the bat files but instead calling commands from the KBEM exe itself?

Please help, I need to build a new KBE, but my customisations are very important.

  • Please go to my profile and email me so we can work some of these customizations into the next version of the kbe. Thanks. - cserrins 7 years ago
  • I have not heard from you at all about these features, if you email me we can work together on integrating these into the next build of kbem. Let me know. - cserrins 7 years ago
  • AJStevens, I'm working on the next version of KBEM, the sooner you can contact me, the sooner these features can be included in the next release. - cserrins 6 years ago
    • Hi Corey, emailed you before, hope you got it all, didn't hear back, just sent you another email, back at it again working on 7280 and 5480 laptops. - AJStevens 6 years ago
      • I got your email, thanks for the info, and I replied back to you today! - cserrins 6 years ago
Posted by: FSchmelzle 11 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt

Where to register for this download?

I can't find any register button on the Kace Website ?!

Posted by: psinchuk 12 years ago
White Belt
I can't get the link to work. I did a right click and save link as but that file when I try to run is telling me that I can not run it on my system which is win 7 ultimate x64
Posted by: jharrell 7 years ago
Third Degree Blue Belt
After downloading the manager, i get an error "Could not find Dell kace media manager. Would you like to browse for its location??"

When i browse to the location and select the Manager i get a second error:  "This version of Media Manager is unsupported.  You should be running version 3.6 or higher."

I downloaded form here:  https://support.software.dell.com/download-install-detail/6063304#  Which is the 3.7 version.

I'm Win 7 Enterprise x64 btw.  Not sure whats happening.

  • You need to download Media Manager from the K2000 UI and install it.
    -Corey - cserrins 7 years ago
    • Thanks. Its been a while sense i updated the k2000. - jharrell 7 years ago
Posted by: londeaux 8 years ago
Second Degree Green Belt
When you create a new KBE, will it incorporate all the changes that were made on the server when previous KBEs were created or is each KBE a one off?

  • I'm not sure if I completely understand your question. The KBE is created at that point and time, with the samba password you currently use and the drivers that are currently posted in the kbe_windows_xXX drivers share.

    Corey - cserrins 8 years ago
    • I create a new KBE, after updating the server with new drivers. Would that KBE also include the new drivers created as well as previous drivers that was added for previous KBEs? - londeaux 8 years ago
      • No, at this time, once a KBE is uploaded to the server, it is finalized. This happens regardless of using kbem or media manager. - cserrins 8 years ago
Posted by: wafflesmcduff 7 years ago
Yellow Belt
Try this link: https://support.software.dell.com/download-install-detail/6067030#
Posted by: drewdavis1 7 years ago
Orange Belt
Having an issue with custom WIM and downloading bootable USB from the K2000. When I upload a custom WIM (modified KBE) via the Manipulator, the ISO downloads properly however the USB Flash Drive version is only around 200KB in size as its completely missing the BOOT.WIM file. I've been downloading the ISO, mounting, grabbing the BOOT.WIM file, then copying it manually to the sources folder on the USB drive however this is a bit of cumbersome process. 

Is there a way to resolve this issue?
Posted by: NinjaGeek 9 years ago
White Belt
I hate to say it, but I find the KBEManipulator is somewhat painful. If you need to make changes to your config, you can't unless you re-upload a whole new environment.

If you want to EDIT your already made USB stick...
Mount the boot.wim on the USB drive in the SOURCES folder.
See here on how to...http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc766067%28v=ws.10%29.aspx

Once you have the drive mounted...
Go to the mounted folder and into windows\system32
Find the file startnet.cmd and edit it

There should be a section like below... if not add it.
@echo *** Assigning Static IP to Workstation
netsh interface ip set address name="Local Area Connection" static xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
@ksleep 5
This should go right above the following lines...
@echo> %TMP%\kbox-ip-address
set KBOX_IP=

The xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx section is where you put the static ip you want the computer to have.

Then save the file and then unmount and commit the wim file as per the link above.

  • That is not the fault of KBEM, but rather the process that has to be followed. .wim files are unable to be "opened" and modified on the K2000, so there are no other options but to rebuild.
    Corey - cserrins 9 years ago
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