After going through the upgrade processes to 4.1 in the k2000 and jumping through the hoops to get the dhcp to ipxe boot machines, I can not get a kbe made with the manipulator 4.0.0 to get past kgetdhcp. It just sits there with a blinking cursor forever. The old kbe that we have been using for a while(with dell logo) still works fine. It gets to kgetdhcp and fails over to the k2000 IP(this is expected) and images fine, but any new kbe regardless of setting "Use the SDA static IP address" or not hangs on kgetdhcp. I have updated the PE10 drivers and the windows ADK with no luck. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue, or is this some kind of network issue in our environment.

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  • I'm having issues where my imaging system hangs on the Driver Feed portion after upgrading to 4.0.0 and building a new statically-defined KBE.
  • I am also getting stuck at running kbe advisor. Have you found a fix cregan?
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