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I am on the latest version of the app (version 4.1.1007).  All seems to be working except for the Inventory section.  When I go there, the app will crash.  I already submitted a ticket to Quest support but they are not helpful.  Anybody else having same issue?  
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  • The latest version is not that one....

    Try updating to 4.1.228, released on March 2nd.

    I'm using Android 7, no issues.
  • I am on lastest iOS version. I should have added that in iOS version it doesn't work.
  • just wanted to check around and reach out with other iOS users. on the App review, there were a lot of crashes reported. nothing was being done and when I contacted support, they said they didn't receive any reports. I just find that odd.
    any working iOS or have fix this issue? thx.
  • We have one iOS device that crashes with inventory as well. On my personal iOS device when I go to inventory it only shows my personal device and nothing else! Seems they are having some issues with the iOS devices...
  • I'm running 4.1.1007 with iOS 11.4.1 and so far no problems with any of the tabs. our SMA is running v8.0.320
  • I'm running KACE GO 4.1.1007, on iOS 11.4.1 and our SMA is on 8.1.108 and the app crashes on the Inventory tab for me as well.

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