Kace Dell Updates not working for Nvidia recommended drivers

I have a support ticket opened on this but its been running with Quest Support for months so thought worth reaching out further.

Working in the construction sector we have a mix of Dell Precision workstations which use Nvidia Quadro Video cards but are having problems with the Dell Driver feed in the Kace SMA working correctly to update these to the latest versions.

When a new driver is released in the dell support pages for our model spec machines it takes a few days  but then appears in the dell driver feed and shows as the active driver however the status shows as 'not downloaded' in the machine inventory pages even after multiple detect routines on multiple endpoints (we have a daily detect task).


Things have changed with SMA 11.1 and reliance of the Dell OpenManage Inventory Agent but even with this installed it doesn't show a newer driver is available for these machine types in the machine inventory pages but does show as active (but importantly not downlaoded) in the dell driver feed. I have tried also using labels to explicitly force the driver as well as ticking all drivers updates in an update routine on test machines.



Can anyone qualify the behavior around recommended drivers in the dell driver feed of the SMA as well as how I might force these drivers to install through the dell driver feed?

Thanks in advance

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Posted by: barchetta 2 years ago
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Ive opened numerous tickets for similar issues and just get the run around.  In the end, Dell is always blamed somehow.  Right now I have a qualcomm driver (just as ONE example) where on the device profile in kace it shows as NOT INSTALLED under detect stats but then under deploy status it is saying SUCCESS.  When I spoke to the tech from kace on this he strategically was able to make my head spin with his explanation for this behavior.  

So of course, as a result, reporting is useless. Further more, for this particular driver, when I enter the service tag on the dell site it says Qualcomm-QCA61x4A-QCA6174A-XR-QCA9377-Wi-Fi-and-Bluetooth_7114X_WIN_12.0.0.926_A25_02.EXE is the correct driver.. and it is indeed installed on the relevant PC(s).     

Now granted, we have people running Dell Command on some machines.. but who cares? It shouldnt make a bit of difference. Is it there or is it not?  

What I get back from kace support is oh you should only be running Kace for Dell drivers if you are going to use it.  Well, let me clue Kace in on something.. when you are troubleshooting a machine in the real world you need dell command there to make sure everything is up to date.. it is a tool everyone likely uses.  Having said that, who cares?   

What I understand is kace moved the catalog to pull from the enterprise catalog at Dell. Im told (by kace) that this is not always up to date as dell command library.. oh that's nice.. and this was an upgrade?

Furthermore (yeah Im not done yet), Im told due to this sort of thing they suggest setting retries to one, otherwise users are going to get prompted to install at every scheduled detect.  This indeed happen to us.. I really peeved off some people, lucky we are still in a small test group.  

Im also told, that if you are going to use Dell updates from KACE you should use windows updates from KACE.  This is likely due to the fact the MS updates inherently looks at dell drivers before applying patches.. if not there, no zero day patch for you!    So what they are saying is, eh we dont keep things up to date like Dell Command does.. so better use our windows updates deploy because we dont use the MS "machine learning" to decide on patch deploy.

Im just really let down, I thought this was KACE SMA strongpoint (patches) but it doesnt seem so.  

And yes, we have changed over completely to the "kace best practices" for detect and deploy.  

And another thing... (yep still not done)...  Over and over we see a thunderbolt driver as required but "failed"  But yet when we go to the dell site, enter tag, it is the wrong driver.  Intel-Thunderbolt-Controller-Driver_TBT75_WIN64_1.41.987.0_A09.EXE is correct and current but yet see screenshot.

How can I look my cto in the eye and say. yep we are good!  I cant.

Now you might ask, why are you trying to use KACE SMA you clearly think it is horrible. 1. We dont run SCCM. 2. Dell Command has zero ability eventually FORCE a restart to install.. we have users clicking the later button for months and months.. they do not want to restart. Well, one thing KACE SMA will do is restart. However, I dont know why they did not work ACTIVE HOURS into the schedule. So even though I can send 20 notifications to restart, eventually I can wind up with a VIP restarting while in a zoom call.  Im willing to take that chance but the rest is just not coming together.  We run vmware workspace one as well, but it just leverages Dell Command (no restart enforcement).

Look, Im not perfect, I make mistakes.. but this should be simple and require some sort of carefully crafted configuration.. Detect, Deploy, end of story..


Quest, this is a mature product and you are so close, please just finish it.

  • I've come to the conclusion that Kace doesn't prioritize/supersede drivers over another. A single model computer will be listed under 3-4 different active and up-to-date drivers (for the same ethernet card, for example), so Kace tries to push them all at the same time.

    Notice how not a single driver supersedes another. Who sets that option?

    I only have about 4 months experience with Kace which could be part of the issue. - ryan.ewers 10 months ago
Posted by: KevinG 2 years ago
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If you have not already submitted the Agent logs from one or more of these devices with the reported issue, please run the KAT ( Kace Agent Toolkit) to collect the logs to submit to support.


Is the exact Dell model in the list of models on the Update Detail page for this driver?

Does the Update Detail page show that the driver is downloaded to the SMA?

Posted by: s.hurlstone@hunters. 2 years ago
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Hi Kevin

Thanks for replying so quickly but I have already submitted a ticket which has been open for months and submitted multiple KAT files to support.

My model machines are Dell Precision 3630 and Dell Precision 7820 with a Nvidia Quadro P2000 and P5000 video cards.

As per the first screen grab the Update Detail page does show that the driver is not downloaded although marked as active and multiple detect and deploy schedules run.

Can you comment on the behavior of recommended drivers as opposed to critical/urgent drivers from the Dell feed? 


  • Do you see any other driver for this model... e.g. Network\Chipset\Storage being downloaded for this particular model?

    Because that would confirm it's something related to the report being sent back by the agent...
    (In case you configured your SMA to Download Patches\Drivers, just if they're detected as needed\missing).

    There is a comparison report somewhere there, that will tell you which driver is installed vs. recent ones available in the catalog. - Channeler 2 years ago
    • Hi Channeler, we made changes in version 11.1. to Dell Updates. A comparison report no longer exists. Dell Updates is now much like patching. - KevinG 2 years ago
Posted by: KevinG 2 years ago
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How are the download settings configured in Settings › Control Panel › Dell Update Download Settings?

What is the support request number?

Posted by: s.hurlstone@hunters. 2 years ago
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Dell Update Downloads > Configure File downloads is set to 'Files detected as missing'

My Support reference is 4889599

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