Java 6 Update 10 Issues

I noticed that Java 6 Update 10 was released, skipping Java 6 Update 8 & 9:

It looks like they changed the MSI quite a bit from the previous versions of the JSE 6.x runtime. Sun now uses a single smaller MSI, a transform .MST, and one Data1.cab file.

I am having a problem installing the application silently when using the /QB! switch (which we use with all of our existing Java deployments). I am seeing an "Error 1606: Could not access network location 0".

When using /QN everything works fine, but we need to use /QB! within the constraints of our corporate standards. Anyone else having this problem?

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Posted by: gizsha 15 years ago
Purple Belt

Looked into it and you're right, doesn't matter if you use /QB! or /passive, the 1606 error pops up.

I got it to work however by creating a .MST using Install Tailor.
At the window "Captured Changes" < The following changes were made to the properties..........etc.etc.>
I deselected the ODB Property. (the path points to the userprofile,).

Now, you can run it using the QB! or passive switch.

Then there is the AUTOUPDATECHECK =0,1 property (depends if you'll allow automatic updates) and the SYSTRAY=0.1 also depending if you want an icon in the systray or not.

Posted by: rascal 15 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt
Is there something I could edit in the MSI using Orca that would fix this problem?
Posted by: cvdkooij 15 years ago
Yellow Belt
Check the first note in the KB for JRE 6.x
Posted by: nheim 15 years ago
10th Degree Black Belt
Hi Skaye,
Sun changed something here and there in version And not all that to the best (does this anybody surprise). :-(
I think they will just never learn it!
However, the problem stems from a missing action entry in the InstallExecuteSequence table.
To make it work, do the following:
Open "jre1.6.0_10.msi" in Orca and create a new transform.
Select the InstallUISequence table and search the "SetODB" action. Highlight it. Press Shift-Ctrl-C to copy the hole line.
Now select the InstallExecuteSequence table, set the cursor in to the right pane and press Shift-Ctrl-V to past line in.
Go to new line (green surrounded) and change the sequence # to "460".
Now select the CustomAction table and search for the "SetODB" CA. Change the type from "51" to "307".
Save the transform.
Apply the transform.
That should do the trick.
Regards, Nick
Posted by: rascal 15 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt
nheim's fix did not work for me but cvdkooij's suggestion did work.
I'm installing to XP using Zenworks as system user.

Posted by: Babscoole 15 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt
Looks like there's something else wonky with Up10 and now the new Up11 in regards to silent install/uninstall.

When I installed u10, I uninstalled the previous version (u7) first per best practices. Now that u11 has come out, I went to remote uninstall 10 before shooting out u11 at my systems. All of the uninstalls hung. I found out that they are popping up a dialog called "Java Setup - Close Applications", which is waiting for user input, that can't occur since these are silent installs. I figured that I'd skip the uninstall of u10 and try an inplace upgrade, so I shot out u11. Same thing.

It appears that 1) some portion of the new plug-in system is staying resident in memory causing silent uninstalls/installs to fail when u10/u11 are installed 2) silent no longer means silent to the new java installers.

Edit: After playing around with this a bit, silent install works just fine, it is the uninstall process which is goofed up. When trying to do an upgrade of u11 over u10, the first part of the process is an automatic uninstall of u10, which hangs due to the dialog above. This silent uninstall issue occurs with both u10 and u11.

If I manually remove the existing installation from add/remove programs, I can then install silently.

Any assistance would be fantastic, as I'm not looking forward to visiting the console of each system individually to uninstall u10, before remote deploying u11, knowing that I'll have to do it all over again when the next update comes out.

Edit2: Good news. I figured it out. A silent uninstall is unable to kill jqs.exe, the java quickstart service. Anyone know a way to disable this in an install (msi/mst), so I don't have to mess with this problem again?

Edit3: I was able to silently uninstall u10 and silently install u11 to about half my systems after shooting out a batch file that killed jqs.exe. The rest I will have to do after hours. Versions after u7 have lost the ability to unload the plug-in from IE on the fly. If IE is open (not sure whether java content has to have been loaded or not), the uninstall will fail as above. On the remaining systems my process for tonight will be: 1) reboot, 2) kill jqs, 3) uninstall u10, 4) install u11.

Although probably considered a "feature", I've filed a bug report with Sun.

Posted by: anonymous_9363 15 years ago
Red Belt
When I installed u10, I uninstalled the previous version (u7) first per best practices. If we're talking JRE, they're quite happy to co-exist: there's no real need to uninstall older versions.
Posted by: Babscoole 15 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt
Other than known security vulnerabilities that is. :). My companies security policy is to not leave olders versions of software installed after an update, so I have to abide by that. If you didn't already know, "As of JDK 6u10, patch-in-place installation is the default", so the first thing an install of a new version will do is to attempt to uninstall the old one, unless told differently.
Posted by: rascal 15 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt
I installed jre update 11 on top of update 10 without the /QB! problems I had before.
The Java control panel applet shows only u11 installed. I did not have to uninstall 10.
Posted by: adamj777 15 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt
Skaye, it looks like /qn is only switch supported according to the following bug report:


This appears to persist in the u11 version as well. When using /qn, though, a batch script will not wait for the program to finish before continuing. So, if you are invoking your msi with /qn via a batch file, you will want to start msiexec.exe with the START /W command so your script will wait for the install/uninstall to finish before going to the next command.

Hope this helps.
Posted by: anonymous_9363 15 years ago
Red Belt
Skaye, it looks like /qn is only switch supported according to the following bug report: How does this stuff get past QA, especially from a company like Sun? It beggars belief, it really does...
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