Is there an administrators guide that shows how to a) setup rules to manage approvals b) pass parameter values when updating and setting up tickets

I see some thread on passing parameters but not alot on rules from a how to setup a rule standpoint.  I see that there is sql involved which is great but  was wondering if there is an admin guide that might get me started.

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Posted by: joe Ueberroth 1 year ago
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Don't see anything yet on passing parameters in responses to update categories, etc.. but I did find the admin guide and some helpful info on rules.

The admin guide appears to be an interactive tool. I managed to find somewhat of an answer or at least a place to learn more:KACE Systems Management Appliance 12.1 Common Documents - Administrator Guide (quest.com)


Posted by: barchetta 1 year ago
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Quest doesnt provide any support nor does it provide documentation for SQL rules.  If you need help you can pay for professional services to answer what should be in the administrator guide. Works out great for Quest, but not for us.

  • Thank You.. Ive seen SQL solutions to rules questions but didnt undertstand how they fit. Now I do. Do you have ank recommended threads on passing parameters? - joe Ueberroth 1 year ago
    • Im not sure what you mean in terms of passing parameters. With rules, you are more or less a blank slate. Set up your select statement to grab what you want under what circumstance (where statement). Then you can either email the result, or run an update statement. Might help if you told us what you are looking to do specifically. - barchetta 1 year ago
      • I had 2 asks.. rules and Passing updates to things like status field via an email using parameters. - joe Ueberroth 1 year ago
Posted by: barchetta 1 year ago
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IS this what you mean by passing?  I guess Im confused because you seem to be talking about rules.   As far as rules and approvals.. those are done not with rules but with process tickets.  


Variables available

{Template/Process Name}

Using brackets around the process or template name in the subject line of the email (before the subject which becomes the ticket title) allows the use of processes / ticket templates via email.

@categoryA valid category.
@cc_listA comma-separated list of email addresses or distribution lists.
@due_dateA due date. The date can be in any format. For example, 4/3/2014, April 3, 2014, or next Thursday.
@impactA valid ticket impact.
@ownerThe owner's username, full name, or email address.
@priorityA valid ticket priority.
@resolutionA resolution.
@statusA valid ticket status.
@submitterThe submitter's username, full name, or email address. The email address is used for the username and email address fields. The full name is set to the Name portion of the email address. For example, name@domain.com.
@titleA title for the ticket.
@summaryA detailed description of the issue. Can only be used to modify/change the summary. On initial ticket creation, the entire body of the email is the summary and the @summary token does not function.
@assetThe asset associated with the ticket.
@machineThe device associated with the ticket.
@approvalThe state of the ticket approval process. You can set this field to one of the following values: Approved, Rejected, None, or More Information Needed.
@approval_noteA note associated with the approval.
@owners_onlyIndicates if only owners can comment on the ticket through email. When set to 1, the flag is True. Any other numeric value sets this indicator to False.
@custom_The value of a custom ticket field, where is the custom field ID. For example, $custom_2=ABC assigns the value of ABC to the CUSTOM_2 ticket field.
@custom_fieldname=newvalueCustom fields cannot contain spaces. Use an underscore between words. For example, new_value.
Posted by: joe Ueberroth 1 year ago
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Posted by: joe Ueberroth 1 year ago
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Thank You!

Posted by: joe Ueberroth 1 year ago
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When you say 'Process Tickets' for approvals..  My goal is to automate the approval process, whereby, a user approves a ticket and this status is changed in a Sharepoint list and from there an email is generated that changes the ticket status but it requires that I pass the status to the ticket.  Or is it better to use a 'process' solely inside Kace.  The issue is really twofold. 
a) requiring that the ticket moves thru a specific series of steps for approvals .. for Governance team approval, approval of various levels of testing by differing teams.. etc.. so its iterative, because the testing may expose other issues so it goes back to developments, etc..  key being iterative with required approvals. 
b) An audit trail, so we want a record keeping system that allows us to see the series of steps the ticket has passed thru. to get where it is without a series of comments that must be read thru to find milestones simply based on language added to a comment to certify that a user accepts something which can be a cropped in email, or if we are lucky a direct response to the ticket.  

In my past I used a service desk system called Cherwell.  Albeit clunky, it had a robust ability to create process flows and provide audit trails and easily viewable traceability of that flow.  Along with tracking associated documentation, such as testing requirements as well as testing evidence (i.e. screenshots, testing log spreadsheets, etc..)

Does Kace offer a process capability of similar functionality?

By the way I am a developer in an ERP environment.

Posted by: Hobbsy 1 year ago
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Joe that’s a lot of options that you need and there are many different ways to potentially achieve that in KACE. If it helps, I would be happy to jump on a call with you and discuss what options you have and how you might achieve what you need, my contact details are in my Ninja profile #WeAreQuest

  • Hello. Thank you for your reply. I am so new to IT Ninja that I don't even know how to view your profile info. But I would really appreciate your help. - joe Ueberroth 1 year ago
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