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Trying to install a certificate into the root certificates. My bat file runs perfectly locally on the PC, when when done through kscript, no dice. Here's the working bat file:

@echo off
 certutil -f -addstore "Root" C:\CERT.cer

Also tried uploading the cert.cer to the dependency directory and on success launch a bat file like this:

@echo off
 certutil -f -addstore "Root" $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR)\cert.cer

Also tried on success launch a program:

Directory: C:\windows\system32

File: certutil.exe

Parameters: certutil -f -addstore "Root" $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR)\cert.cer

All versions say successful yet nothing happens. The only way I've gotten it to work was running the bat file with cert.cer file located in the C:\ drive. Whats going on?? Thanks

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  • Is your kscript running as the locally logged on user or as the local system?
  • local system - but even if it was local user, I was the local user with admin rights anyway...

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got it, a little workaround, but it works. Just used this bat file

@echo off
xcopy cert.cer C:\
start /wait certutil -addstore Root cert.cer
del C:\cert.cer

Works. Yay!

Answered 04/21/2015 by: mazostyle
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